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  • Free Pass on Halloween Night on Nov. 21, 2020

    If taboo and kink is your thing then you can't go wrong with Free Pass on Halloween Night where brothers and roommates take care of each other in the best ways.
  • Twisted Together on July 04, 2021
    (no rating)
    A new read from a new author and it did not disappoint! I definitely look forward to more from Odessa Hywell both because I enjoyed the subject matter and the writing. That being said pay attention to the blurb and decide if this is subject matter you want to read about since it is not for everyone. I find from time to time that I am looking for fluffy romance with a bit of a taboo edge and perhaps some noncon or dubcon for spice, Twisted Together did indeed hit the spot. Sweet Bennett might be in the dark about his nightly encounters... or he might not be. Either way Bennett is in denial about the truth of his not altogether unwelcome visits since they facilitate his own dark desires he has tried to suppress for years. And just how much in the dark is protective brother Cooper? I highly recommend Twisted Together but under the provisos stated since it is not for everyone.
  • Testing the Waters: Watch on Aug. 01, 2021

    Gorgeous and fun with an alphahole twin, River, who doesn't really care about anything or anyone but his ride-or-die who happens to be his twin, Rain. Watch is the start of this serial that will explore the twins (ahem) relationship as it twists and turns ;) through all kinds of new gay territory. We get just a taste (almost, Rain) here as River tries on his bossy hat and Rain lets him, surprising and delighting both of them. Can't wait for more of this gay(?) brother (?) twin (!) awakening!
  • Morally Ambiguous: Confessions of the Son [1] on Aug. 06, 2021

    Atwood and Eren's story was so sweet and hot. If you want the squirmy butterfly feels from reading a relationship that you know should be uncomfortable because it is so wrong but just works then Morally Ambiguous: Confessions of the Son hits the spot. Eren surprises birth dad Atwood and they struggle to make a new relationship while fighting feelings they know they shouldn't have. I can't wait for book two and more from this author.
  • Morally Ambiguous: Transgressions of the Father [2] on Aug. 11, 2021

    After Morally Ambiguous: Confessions of the Son, where we leave off with dad Atwood trying to come to terms with what he has done with biological son Eren who had confessed their relationship...after they were...close, we take up with the roommates six months later in Transgressions of the Father. Atwood has taken the last six months trying to work through his feelings and duties to his son Eren. Thankfully for us the reader he decides to go for it and take advantage of a much needed vacation to see if Eren is on the same page after all this time. If you've read Confessions of the Son then you know what to expect and this is a delightful read. I loved seeing Cooper and Bennett as well since I read Twisted Together. Awesome book and great job balancing the the inherent angst that comes with a taboo relationship book.
  • Testing the Waters: Touch on Sep. 08, 2021

    Yes Mama Chara knows how to tease and she has us on the edge through episode 2, aptly named Touch. Twins Rain and River are having a bit of a crisis they are working through together for "science" and it could detonate their whole relationship. I love Chara's frequent use of the f-bomb, sprinkled liberally throughout, including imaginatively mid-word, because it highlights just how messed up this situation is and the impact it can have on Rain and River publicly, privately, personally, and together. It emphasizes just how momentous this experiment is and I suspect a very messed up situation coming up, justifying the next episode Spank!
  • Baby of the Family on April 04, 2022

    Sometimes when you’re reading romance you crave just something just a little bit more. Who knew more was a dash of incest? OK I did because I’ve been reading MM for ..a few years now and it wasn’t that big of a step to fall into the taboo side of things. With amazing authors like T.M. Chris here who can blame me? Baby of the family was a wonderful read with big brother Clark absolutely beating himself up (hah) over his feeling for baby brother Bobby and seeking help to cure him of his urges. What he finds isn’t so much a cure but a group of like-minded people who instead encourage him. The results are delicious and there might be some embarrassment when the brothers finally give into what they both want but it is steamy and sweet like I expected from the first two books and look forward to in the fourth book coming up. Loved seeing familiar faces from more than a few other books.
  • Daddy's Little Helper on April 04, 2022

    Loved this. Geordie is such a sweetheart "helping" his father Gordon. T.M. Chris once again delivers a spicy fantasy with all the taboo-incest-goodness I enjoy reading from her. Loving this series.
  • My Two Dads on June 25, 2022

    There is something so forbidden and hot about taboo 'cesty books and part of the allure for me is finding out how the author makes it happen. I'm thrilled with how imaginative some authors have to be since it can't be as simple as "they fell into bed" (or can it, that's worked to0). I have enjoyed each of these books centered around the Incest Anonymous group (great way to meet up with old faves) and couldn't wait to read about Christian and his two dads. There was plenty of steam here but also so much care about these already established relationships. I loved this story so much I could read more of Christian, Tom and Rick. Of course, I love how short each of these stories is, so quick to read, but I wouldn't say no to follow up stories for each couple (kind of like the three times... boys). I can't wait for Thad (even though he was a little cringe here I think his story will be so hot).
  • Playing Defense on Dec. 19, 2023

    This was hot and left me wanting more. I loved how possessive and protective Clay is of Malcolm while also tormenting him. This had many elements I crave like catnip like the bully aspect and dubcon. These two were hot and I need the rest of these brothers. The violence at the beginning was a little worrying but set up the rest of the story so all is forgiven.
  • Dirty Wet Bastard on March 20, 2024

    Dirty is right and this was filthy in just the right way. Here we have a big brother who can't reconcile his feelings toward his little half brother who has everything he was denied by their father. Roman is helping Luca with a ride to college but can't help but torture him a little on the way and when he finds out how much Luca likes it then all bets are off. I enjoyed Luca being needy and eager to please his big brother to the point beyond discomfort and humiliation and Roman making him -and me- like it.
  • Tentacle Touch on March 20, 2024

    Bravo for exploring and indulging with something a little out there under the guise of an interview. If the magic allows it then why not go for it. Another short vignette offering a glimpse into experiences best left imagined.
  • Traffic Violations on March 20, 2024

    Big brother Mason is looking after baby brother Brady and determined to keep the brat in line, without crossing ...lines. A dark night on a deserted road proves too much for Mason when Brady amps up his plans to finally get Mason to act. This encounter is oh so dirty and Mason isn't above using the tools of the trade to get his brother to behave. Bravo Becca Vale and thanks.
  • Twinning is Winning on March 20, 2024

    Arlo bossing Alfie is hot and adding in "Fox" to stir things up just amps up the heat. This definitely could be longer and I wouldn't complain but I loved these two, and then all three together just fine.
  • Only One Bed on March 27, 2024

    Max bossing his twin Micah turns out to be incredibly hot with the added spice of lingerie and little bit of can't-help-myself night action. Another scorcher from Becca Vale.
  • Head of Household on April 03, 2024

    What I love about this romance is acknowledging that Sawyer needs attention and boy is it delivered when "Head of Household" Knox finally realizes and delivers. This was a great story by Becca Vale.
  • Triple Play on April 06, 2024

    This was a delicious treat and I thoroughly enjoyed Luke, Isaiah and Miles discovering each other. Yum!
  • Eclipsed on April 08, 2024

    Eclipsed is a fun surprise from Honey London that featured a pretty hot prank among three brothers...but who's pranking who? That is the question straight through the end. Thanks for the spice and gooey sweetness that is Brooks, Luke and Teddy.
  • The Payback Plan on April 09, 2024

    This was cute and I can only imagine the hijinks Dante and Crispin get up to now the cat's out of the bag. Crispin is sweet and almost-innocent in his approach to getting big brother Dante back for his (in his mind) torture. Really this was a sweet little scene that turned up the spice in that energetic style Honey infuses into her stories.
  • Forced By His Wolf Brother on April 10, 2024
    (no rating)
    This had all the elements I love (brocest, noncon, monster, somno, size difference...) but the execution fell far short of what I wanted.
  • Nip It In the Bud on April 20, 2024

    This was cute and a good story with some nipple play that leads to more in a way I found quite satisfying.
  • Murder Twins on April 20, 2024
    (no rating)
    Heed the warnings. Not my cup of tea but they can't all be.