Elizabeth McSweeney


I'm 46 (feel younger than I did at 40!).
Having suffered seven years of restriction, debilitation, exhaustion, pain, fear and disability, I have now recovered from fibromyalgia.

Following publication of the first edition of 'FIBROMYALGIA: road to recovery', which was a mammoth task to read, I have responded to helpful feedback and divided the information into four more manageable volumes, which will be available here soon.
In addition, almost all my readers and clients have asked me to write specificaly about how I recovered. So I will be including in this new edition a fifth volume explicitly detailing the Seven Healing Principles that form the foundation of my 'Road to Recovery' healing programme.

I'm now running 1:1 retreats in rural Dorset, UK, for anyone with Fibromyalgia, ready to spend 3 days determined to set off on their own 'road to recovery'. Also available for lectures, talks and presentations in UK, Asia and Antipodes.

Healing myself has also healed my relationship with my son....life...livin' it...lovin' it!

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