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Elizabeth Rose is the author of over 40 books. She loves anything medieval or paranormal, and writes both, as well as some contemporary and small town romance, western romance and now young adult too. Her books have won rave reviews, including a Sapphire Award finalist, and RT nomination for best paranormal romance of the year. Her books have been seen on the HIstory channel as well as Wild Chicago. Kyros' Secret was a finalist in the FF&P contest, and Mary, Mary a finalist in the Golden Palm Contest.

She is known for her medieval Legacy of the Blade Series, as well as The Elemental Series and her new Daughters of the Dagger Series, as well as MadMan MacKeefe.

Watch for more ebooks coming soon from Elizabeth Rose. Please visit her website at elizabethrosenovels.com for updates and new releases and where to buy her books.

Novels by Elizabeth Rose:
Ancient Warriors and Lovers Boxed Set (New)
Border Lords and Ladies Boxed Set
Dragon Lords and Amazons Boxed Set
Cowboys of the Old West Boxed Set Vol 1

Mary, Mary, (Gnarled Nursery Rhymes Series)

The Bounty Hunter (Cowboys of the Old West Series)
The Gambler (Cowboys of the Old West Series)
The Drifter (Cowboys of the Old West Series)
The Outlaw (Cowboys of the Old West Series)
The Gunslinger (Cowboys of the Old West Series)

Praising Pete - Book 7 (Tarnished Saints Series)
Wrangling James - Book 6 (Tarnished Saints Series)
Saving Simon - Book 5 (Tarnished Saints Series)
Seducing Zeb - Book 4 (Tarnished Saints Series)
Judging Judas - Book 3, (Tarnished Saints Series)
Luring Levi - Book 2, (Tarnished Saints Series)
Doubting Thomas - Book 1, (Tarnished Saints Series)
Tarnished Saints' Christmas (Series Prequel)

Ian - Book 3, (MadMan MacKeefe Series)
Aidan - Book 2, (MadMan MacKeefe Series)
Onyx - Book 1, (MadMan MacKeefe Series)

Daughters of the Dagger (Series Prequel )
Ruby - Book 1 (Daughters of the Dagger Series)
Sapphire - Book 2 (Daughters of the Dagger Series)
Amber - Book 3 (Daughters of the Dagger Series)
Amethyst - Book 4 (Daughters of the Dagger Series)

(Single Title)
The Caretaker of Showman's Hill
Curse of the Condor

Legacy of the Blade Prequel
Lord of the Blade (Legacy of the Blade Series, Book 1)
Lady Renegade (Legacy of the Blade Series, Book 2)
Lord of Illusion (Legacy of the Blade Series, Book 3)
Lady of the Mist (Legacy of the Blade Series, Book 4)

(Short Stories)
One Red Rose
My Christmas Soldier

Eden's Garden - (out of print)

The Pandora Curse (Greek Myth Fantasy Series)
The Oracle of Delphi (Greek Myth Fantasy Series)
Thief of Olympus (Greek Myth Fantasy Series)
Kyros' Secret (Greek Myth Fantasy Series)

The Dragon and the Dreamwalker - Book 1: Fire (Elemental Series)
The Duke and the Dryad - Book 2: Earth (Elemental Series)
The Sword and the Sylph - Book 3: Air (Elemental Series)
The Sheik and the Siren - Book 4: Water (Elemental Series)

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Smashwords book reviews by Elizabeth Rose

  • Her Wild Texas Heart on Aug. 25, 2013

    This story brings out the true grit of the West with Comanches to go with it. I really liked the heroine, KC and the hero, Christopher and their relationship and how it develops even with the life threatening circumstances all around them. A must for Western lovers.