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A “military brat,” Elle was born in Germany and spent her childhood in such far-flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C., Italy, and Washington D.C. Sadly, the only language she ever became semi-fluent in is English. She writes romantic comedies that are loose riffs on the popular fairy tales she read as a child—stories she still loves as an adult.

Elle's first self-published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an Amazon bestseller in 2010--a distinction it kept through the summer of 2012 when it peaked at #1 on Amazon's Top 100 List for Humor. Her other novels include Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up, Alice in Wonderland, and Gilding the Lily-pad. Elle lives in Denver, Colorado, and keeps a teenage boy and a miniature dachshund named Bacon around the house to provide comic relief.

Smashwords Interview

Were you surprised when your first novel became a bestseller?
I don't think any writer "plans" to become a bestseller--so yes, I was absolutely stunned. (Still am, most days.) When I self-published The Frog Prince (a Romantic Comedy) in July of 2010, people in the publishing industry--fellow-authors, agents, editors--told me I was crazy, and that I would be pounding a nail into the coffin of my writing career. I sold exactly 1 copy in July of 2010; honestly, I couldn't be certain that one of my parents didn't buy it. In September, I sold 18 copies. In October, it was nearly 100 copies. In November, it was several hundred, and the number kept growing. The Frog Prince peaked at #1 in the Kindle Store for Humor in May of 2012. Tens of thousands of copies have been sold to date, but it all started with those dozen or so readers who took a chance on an unknown book back in July of 2010.
Was Alice in Wonderland really based in part on your own trip to Australia?
Absolutely correct. Personal factoid: I am not a spontaneous person. A close author-friend of mine personifies spontaneity. In the summer of 2012, days before she was set to depart for a two-week trip to Australia, she emailed this afterthought to me: “Come with me if you feel like it—I'm headed for the Gold Coast and then just driving wherever. You're always welcome!” Once my Valium drip beat down a massive panic attack, I booked a separate flight. Now, here’s why a person like me should never, ever attempt anything resembling spontaneity. Without getting into the wheres and whyfores of the International Date Line, let’s just say that the concept of arriving in a country two days after I left my place of origin was just too much for my poor little brain to process. Not until I was sitting on the Qantas flight did I discover that I’d booked my ticket on the wrong day, and (best of all) that my friend’s flight didn’t leave until the next day. In short, I was headed to a country where I didn’t know a single soul, where I had no international phone service or transportation, and absolutely no idea where the hell I was even supposed to go when I got there. Alice in Wonderland is partially based on this impromptu trip “down the rabbit hole.”
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