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  • O N C E-----Ask me anything, not Love on April 26, 2010

    Book Review: Mian Mohsin Zia’s “ONCE-Ask me anything, Not Love.” “The timeless message of seizing the day, delivered with an interesting twist.” This “unlucky-in-love-love story” is poignant. ONCE speaks to anyone who is afraid to face and live their truth- in the moment. Morkel, the lead character in Zia’s book, is paralyzed by his fear of love, rendering him unable to admit his feelings for Maya, the female love interest in ONCE. Through Zia’s tale of love gone awry, we painstakingly ‘get’ how life presents us with precious, rare opportunities for love and how we choose to act upon these opportunities determines our entire future. Raw, emotional, detailed and well paced, ONCE is a relatively fast read that packs a powerful message into an interesting, paradoxical tale. Meaningful, surprise twists in ONCE make for a more interesting, thought provoking read. I enjoyed this story and the bittersweet afterthoughts it left me with. Ellen M. DuBois- Author of I Never Held You, a book about miscarriage, grief, healing and recovery, Jackie’s Heart and A-Z Affirmations and Host of MiscarriageHelp.com; Author website, http://ellendubois.com.
  • Victim of Shame: Why me, God? on Nov. 05, 2010

    I just finished reading Mian Mohsin Zia's "Victim of Shame" and was very moved by it. There are many layers to this book: character's are woven into each other's lives; themes of love, honesty, dishonesty, shame, guilt, redemption, separateness & oneness- were written with much thought and creativity. These elements and more play a part, along with vivid characters, in creating a thought provoking, deep, intruiging and entertaining new novel. "Victim of Shame" was a pleasure to read, evoked many emotions and yes... left me thinking.