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  • Tales from High Towers' Study on Feb. 03, 2012

    A very enjoyable collection of short stories in the Thaumatology setting, shedding light on the past of major characters and building up the detail on other familiar but less focused on characters. Not only that, but a good way to get into the Thaumatology series if you haven't started from the beginning. For the price, give it a shot. Free's free!
  • Thaumatology 101 on Feb. 03, 2012

    An excellent start to a series, building up characters and the world with a carefully balanced level of just enough information to establish and tease, but not enough to drown you in terminology. Reading T101 never feels like an overload of information, and the writing is in an easy style that is both simple and deceptively descriptive. Makes for a very enjoyable read that quickly passes the time.
  • Demon's Moon on March 01, 2012

    An excellent continuation to the series, advancing the plot, the growth of the characters and building the intrigue. If you enjoyed the first book, the second is a must-read. No other Urban Fantasy series has me reading this voraciously, The science and detail behind the setting are still what makes it shine for me.