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Smashwords book reviews by ellimak

  • The Way Home on Sep. 19, 2010

    *This review contains minor spoilers. Reader, you are forewarned.* This book had a lot of potential, but I think it ultimately fell flat. I was excited by the blurb, and downloaded without even sampling. I began reading and kept waiting to see some real conflict. There simply wasn't any. Of course, the protagonist DOES face issues. Her mother's death and brother's handicap combine to bring her a world of trouble. She returns home to a town that resents her, both for her departure and presumably for who she has become in her absence. However, Bessie never actually has to face any of these issues on her own. There is always someone all too ready to forgive her, or someone to go to bat for her. All of her problems are conveniently solved -- no muss, no fuss. It made for a boring read. Additionally, there are a number of typographical and grammatical errors in the text. The dialogue flits awkwardly in and out of dialect. The protagonist repeats the story of her departure from her small town at least three different times. Every time, the story loses meaning. Some of the passages in the book are downright bad. I would have been able to forgive all of this, had the story been better. Unfortunately, as it is, this book just didn't work for me.