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  • Immortal on Oct. 01, 2010

    This book is a quick read that I easily got into. The main plot is similar to other paranormal romance books that I've read, but there is enough that is different to keep my interest to find out what is going to happen between the characters as well as to find out exactly what Duncan and Samuel are. Of course, the scenario of having two brutally attractive men vying for one's affections is one that I never tire of reading, either. Of the two guys, I like Samuel best. I have a thing for blue eyes and guys that are sweet and dedicated, if a bit moody. Duncan is also a hottie with his flashy green eyes and devil-may-care demeanor. While I enjoyed this read, I wished that there could have been a little more character development - that the reader could know more about these characters that seem to be briefly introduced. I think everything is an interesting concept, but I just need to know more to feel completely satisfied. I would recommend this to those who like paranormal fiction, particularly in the young adult realm. It is interesting and clean while still maintaining romantic tension.