Ellis Vidler


As a child in the South, I spent long, hot days imagining myself an Indian or pioneer or musketeer. From Geronimo and D'Artagnan to Anne Shirley and Nancy Drew, I lived them all. Later I became the glamorous Scarlett O'Hara (a stretch, I admit). At night I (and my whole family) read. No angst in my childhood. So where did that leave me as an adult? Writing fiction, what else? I love creating characters and making them do what I want, but mostly they take off on their own and leave me hurrying to catch up.

All my stories have some degree of romance and a lot of suspense. My first book, published by Silver Dagger Mysteries, was Haunting Refrain. Next came The Peeper, a suspense novel co-authored with retired LEO Jim Christopher. (That was a trip, let me tell you!) And now, Cold Comfort, my new romantic suspense.

I'll continue to write as long as I can dream.

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