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Smashwords book reviews by Ema N

  • Tanaquill on June 01, 2012

    A very unusual romance novel! It lost me a bit especially towards the ending, but otherwise was beautifully- and well-written. I loved the Regency setting, and thought the writing was better than other published novels that are touted to "appeal to Jane Austen fans". I will go buy "Annabelle" now! :)
  • Heller's Girlfriend on June 19, 2012

    Great fun! I liked it better than Heller's Revenge, thanks to a more cohesive story and somewhat fewer mentions of Tilly's boobs :p
  • Secret Lives on Aug. 10, 2012

    A very enjoyable read--it kept me up half the night because I just had to find out what happened. With the instant attraction between Eden and Ben in the beginning, I got a bit suspicious that this was just going to be a light romance novel, but it turned out to be much more--nicely layered, honest and with well-developed characters. I particularly liked the author's depiction of Kyle--he didn't come across as a perfect man, though close!--and the doubt that starts infesting Eden's (and the reader's) belief in Ben's innocence was brilliantly done. It all tied up very nicely in the end and left me with a satisfying feeling that everything had been explained. I'll probably try more of her books, esp if they're under $5 :p
  • Saving Grace on July 07, 2014

    A fun, nicely-written book, especially if you like main characters who start off as a total mess! The mystery wraps up tidily. Some of the characters are vibrant (others not so much) and I loved the depiction of island society, but what makes this story unusual is Annalise. Glad she was in it. Overall, it wasn't really my cup of tea and I don't think I'll read the other books in the series, but it's certainly worth giving it a try.