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Emily R. Antonen makes her debut as a published novelist on Smashwords with this ebook, Counting On You. She has published non-fiction articles for Intermezzo, Diabetic Living, Chess Life, and Accent Travel magazines, won First Place, Adult Category, in a Miami Inner City poetry contest, written, edited, and published newsletters, lectures, brochures, web content, etc. for various house organs and organizations, and sporadically maintains the blog, Emily Antonen IMHO. She's been the “incidental writer,” catching paying work where she can, which is almost always non-fiction. Like her main character, Buddy, she has a major obsession which she does little to keep from getting out of control. Hers is writing fiction.
She resides in northwest central Florida, USA, with her two cats, Bynx and Beauty, and has a day job which is spiritually fulfilling, if not financially so.
Counting On You is the first book of four planned in her OCD Murder/Mystery Series, which chronicles new adult Buddy Eckes as he pursues a career in forensic sciences. Each title focuses on obsessive-compulsive behaviors of counting, ritual making, neatness, and germaphobia. Ritual Beatings, the second in the series is in its final edit stage, Minimal Damage is in draft, and Germetically Sealed has been outlined and is in the research stage.
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Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
To me, this question is sort of like, "When did you learn to walk?" It was early in life, and just as essential to me. I suppose what everyone really wants to know is when I started making money as a writer. It has almost always played a part in the jobs I've held over the years. My first paid freelance article was in 1984, with a story about "Videotaping Your Vacation" for Accent Travel magazine. I've published articles with Intermezzo Magazine, Diabetic Living, and Chess Life. My first novel, written in 1984, was about a woman taking alternative means to survive her cancer. All Good Things in Their Time was rejected many times, often with kind personal comments from editors about having limited budgets and the autobiographies of stars to consider. Most refused it because they said people did not want to read anything about cancer.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Writers are also observers, especially of people's behavior. From small town ideologies to big city campuses, I pulled from my experiences to create these fictional characters, allowing them to veer from several outlines to experience the changes they wanted.
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