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Emelia Bell is a longstanding member of popular erotic story site, Literotica, where she has gained a large readership, a reputation for quality and even won some awards. Her stories range from sensual and romantic to dark and passionate, so there’s something for every reader. A born and bred Brit, Emelia takes pride in her cut-glass English accent and all her stories abound with quaint British-isms, so if you’re from the UK and prefer ‘knickers’ to ‘panties’ - or you’re not British, but are suffering from a massive case of Anglophilia - then Emelia’s writing may be for you.

Emelia was born and brought up in London but now lives in the beautiful English countryside where she pursues an outwardly virtuous life, all the time delighting in the perversity of being an erotic writer. When she’s not working on her good-girl disguise by baking cakes to help local charities Emelia loves taking part in various forms of dancing -from Belly to Burlesque – and taking photographs, usually self-portraits. Some of her pictures even grace the covers of her e-books, so you can have fun guessing which ones are of her!

Emelia’s blog, containing further information, excerpts of her writing and fun competitions, can be accessed here. She also has a Myspace account www.myspace.com/emeliabell or you can search for her on Facebook!

Her web site is: http://www.emeliabell.co.uk

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