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  • The Friendship Effect on Aug. 20, 2012

    While I was reading The Friendship Effect, I had to put it down more than a handful of times because I was inspired and compelled to act on the advice from the book in that moment. One time I put it down to call a friend I had been thinking about. Another time I put the book down to text two of my friends that I missed them and wanted to hang out; I had dinner at their house that night. Part of the book is also about how to be a good friend to yourself, so at times I would put the book down to go for a walk or to do other things just for myself. There are so many extraordinarily useful actions in the book that you can take. One thing I loved was making a list or a calendar of all of your friends' special dates so you could send them a card or give them a call on those important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, etc. Another useful thing is Magical Ease, which is a handful of really amazing techniques that help you to be more open to others and that help others feel comfortable and be more open around you. This book is targeted towards people who have difficulty with making friends. I don't have any problems with making friends, but I still gained a lot from reading the book. There's also a lot of useful information on how to maintain and strengthen relationships. And for people who want to strengthen their networking skills, a lot of these techniques and suggestions are about creating genuine and strong connections with people, which is what being a great networker is about. The Friendship Effect shows us how to be better friends with ourselves and with others. It's a great resource.