Sheldon Feinberg M.D.


This very lucky and very loving doctor, son of a Brooklyn General Practice physician, was born during our country's great depression, grew up amongst the poor, attended a rich-boy high school that he hated, attended an upstate New York college with World War II veterans that he loved, gained entrance to a medical school and then entered our United States Air Force.

There, against the orders of his commanding colonel, but with the help of a savvy and well-loved sergeant, he organized a whole Air Force Base in the construction of a Pediatric Unit - while his commander was away on a brief vacation.

After military service, Doctor Feinberg did research on the respiratory problems of premature babies and came up with prescient and startling conclusions.

Thereafter, he entered private practice, where he organized national parent/pediatrician/news media and television campaigns that resulted in child safety legislation for children on school buses.

Now, in retirement, he has initiated a Medical Society Emeritus Committee whose purpose is to help the elderly.

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