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EMILIO BOECHAT é dramaturgo indicado ao Troféu Mambembe de Melhor Autor em 1999 pela peça Eu Era Tudo Pra Ela & Ela Me Deixou - peça da qual originou o personagem vencedor do Prêmio Multishow do Bom Humor, em 1998, interpretado pelo ator Marcelo Médici. É autor de comédias como Camila Baker, Lives In Concert (indicada aos prêmios APETESP e SHELL); Luluzinhas e Tudo de Mim. Camila Baker ganhou várias remontagens pelo Brasil e em Portugal. Em 2005, teve elenco estrelado, com Daniel Boaventura, Leonardo Brício, Marcos Mion, Otávio Muller e Danton Mello. Eu Era Tudo Pra Ela & Ela Me Deixou foi remontada em 2011 por Marcelo Médici. Em televisão, Emilio Boechat já passou pela Rede Globo (Angel Mix e Zorra Total, 1999), Bandeirantes/ RGB (Floribella, 2005 e Floribella 2, 2006), GNT (Mulheres Possíveis 2007/ 2008/ 2009), Multishow (Na Fama Na Lama, 2011). Desenvolveu para a FremantleMedia Marcas Da Vida (2010/2011), docudrama exibido na Rede Record (2011). Desde 2006 é contratado dessa emissora, onde já escreveu e colaborou para as novelas Luz do Sol, Amor e Intrigas, Os Mutantes, Promessas de Amor, Bela A Feia, Rebelde 1ª e 2ª temporadas (que assumiu como autor principal nos quatro últimos meses no ar), Pecado Mortal, de Carlos Lombardi, o especial de fim de ano Balada, Baladão (2010), e a minissérie bíblica Rei Davi (2011/ 2012). Faz parte da equipe de Os Dez Mandamentos e participa da criação da 2a Temporada. Em cinema, escreveu com Marilia Toledo o longa-metragem Lascados, O Filme, estrelado por Paloma Bernardi e Chay Suede, e o roteiro da comédia romântica O Galã, (título provisório) para a Ramalho Filmes. Foi um dos roteiristas do filme Os Dez Mandamentos, lançado em janeiro de 2016, e sua série de humor A Secretária Do Presidente, produzida pela Mixer, tem estreia também em 2016, no Canal Multishow.

EMILIO BOECHAT is a best playwright nominee for Troféu Mambembe in 1999 with his play Eu Era Tudo Pra Ela & Ela Me Deixou from which originated the 1998’s Prêmio Multishow do Bom Humor character winner performed by the actor Marcelo Médici. He is the author of comedies as Camila Baker, Lives In Concert (a best play nominee for the awards APETESP and SHELL), Luluzinhas, and Tudo de Mim. Camila Baker was lengthily performed throughout Brazil and Portugal, in 2005, the play was back on stage starring well-known actors: Daniel Boaventura, Leonardo Brício, Marcos Mion, Otávio Muller, and Danton Mello. Eu Era Tudo Pra Ela & Ela Me Deixou got a new production in 2011 performed by Marcelo Médici. As a TV writer, Emilio has scripted for many TV Stations and Channels, including Rede Globo (Angel Mix and Zorra Total, 1999), Bandeirantes/ RGB (Floribella, 2005 and Floribella 2, 2006), GNT (Mulheres Possíveis 2007/ 2008/ 2009), Multishow (Na Fama Na Lama, 2011). For FremantleMedia created the docudrama Marcas Da Vida (2010/2011) aired by Rede Record (2011), where since 2006 has written and collaborated for soap operas such as Luz do Sol, Amor e Intrigas, Os Mutantes, Promessas de Amor, Bela A Feia, Rebelde seasons 1 and 2 (becoming the main author of its four last months on the air); Pecado Mortal, directed by Carlos Lombardi; the year-end special Balada, Baladão (2010), and a biblical miniseries Rei Davi (2011/ 2012). At present, Emilio is a member of Os Dez Mandamentos team writing its second season. For the big screen, he wrote with Marilia Toledo, Lascados, O Filme, performed by Paloma Bernardi and Chay Suede and the romantic comedy for Ramalho Filmes “O Galã” (working title). Besides being one of the screenwriters of Os Dez Mandamentos, released in January 2016, his comedy series A Secretária Do Presidente, produced by Mixer, is also due to be released by the cable channel Multishow this year.

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What's the story behind your latest book?
In 2014 I traveled to New York City for the first time in my life. At that time I was forty-seven years old. Why did I wait so long to visit the Big Apple? Beats me! Most of my friends in Brazil had already been there several times and all of them had told me that if I went there I would love it. Therefore, when I finally got there, I had high expectations about the city. And, for busy fifteen days, I lived the best and the “worst” of New York. It was an astonishing, unbelievable and unforgettable experience.
Some things blew my mind in a negative and in a positive way. First of all, how Americans could cope with so many people who didn’t speak English. Before going to New York, I thought my English wasn’t good enough. Now, I think my English is pretty good. My wife, who lived in the U.S. for one year and had been there a lot of times before, didn’t understand the Indians who worked in baggage stores. I myself didn’t get the Chinese who worked in restaurants. But fortunately, I could understand what was said by the Indians, whereas my wife was able to understand what the Chinese people said in English.
Another thing that impressed me a lot when I got there was how the people who lived in New York could be so rude sometimes even when they were trying to be polite. They were always in a hurry and many times I heard them screaming “Excuse me” when they were actually trying to say — “Get out of my way, moron”. But it took me only a few days to understand how stressful it could be live and work in a city full of tourists from many parts of the world. Such people don’t seem to speak English well or care about the city and nor do they have the same manners as the locals. They are just interested in shopping and having fun. At the end of my trip, I thought New Yorkers addressed those issues very well.
As a Brazilian guy - who lives in a country where we are used to facing loads of crimes and criminals every day - I thought I’d never be fooled in NYC. The general belief in Brazil is “Americans are naïve, Brazilians are smart asses”. So after my wife and I wasted two hours of our trip waiting in line and trying unsuccessfully to acquire a new released I-Phone 6 at an Apple Store, I talked her into buying one in a small store at Times Square. The price was good, there was no line and the salesclerks there looked nicer than those at the Apple Store. When we returned to Brazil, my wife noticed that she had been charged twice! It was a scheme that had already trapped more than seventy stupid Brazilians like us, even though other victims had filed a complaint against it on the internet. As a good Brazilian, I tried to take a shortcut to fool Apple, but in the end the only one fooled was me. I should have suspected the salespeople of swindling when they told me their nationalities — one Egyptian, one Haitian and one Puerto Rican. Okay, I’m being discriminatory now. But as they sing in Avenue Q — “Everyone is a little bit racist sometimes”.
As playwrights spending their vacation in Manhattan, my wife and I went to Times Square almost every day to buy tickets for Broadway plays. Once, I noticed a mouse running on the sidewalk near us and when I showed it to her, she panicked. Then I said — “What’s the big deal?". It was just a mouse and we had already seen rats many times in São Paulo, a dirtier place where many people throw garbage out anywhere!”
Some days later, we were eating cereals in our rented apartment at night, in Upper East Side, a fancy neighborhood, when we were visited by a renowned guest — a mouse that jumped out of the oven. What a pleasant night! We closed all the doors in order to trap our uninvited guest in the living room and tried to sleep. But after the mouse had passed through the chink under the bedroom door, we decided to pack our things and spend the rest of the night in a hotel. At least, Airbnb agreed to reimburse our expenses.
On the other hand, many incredible things that could only happen in the Big Apple surprised me at each moment as I walked through the city even when I was completely lost — hidden restaurants, enchanting bookshops, cool bars, fairs of all kinds, unusual nice spots and many other things in addition to exhibitions, shows, plays and musicals that I loved.
At the end of the trip I had already fallen in love with New York. When I came back to São Paulo, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I started comparing things in Brazil with things there, as well as the people who lived in São Paulo with the New Yorkers and so on all the time. It was such a strong feeling that I realized I had to write about that experience. At that time I was very disappointed about my own country and I didn’t understand how Brazilian people could be so submissive, lenient with corruption, disrespectful of the law and selfish. Unlike the opinion that foreigners have about us, most Brazilians thinking about their own business and rarely work for the common good. Maybe because our government is ine
What motivated you to become an indie author?
The answer is simple: freedom and independence.
I started writing for TV in 1999 and soon realized that authors don't have much freedom, at least in Brazilian television.
It's extremely difficult to pitch an idea for a TV series. And when a TV channel finally chooses your show, TV executives usually change everything you had thought about, planned and created so carefully.
Worst than that, most of the time your ideas never get off the ground.
And nobody wants to read a script for a TV show that has never been shot or aired.
Things are a little bit different in the Brazilian Theater.
If you don't have much money to invest, you can stage your play in an alternative circuit. But it could also be a little frustrating when your play is staged for only a few months, despite all your efforts.
But plays have a literary value. If I can publish my works, then I have a final product that can be offered to an audience directly and without any interference. It’s just one more way I have to sell my ideas.
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There are stories that could only happen in New York City. Where else would all those people get along: a Brazilian, an Iranian, two Mexican brothers, an old Korean lady and an American couple? In this anarchic comedy about clash of cultures, intolerance, romance and impossible dreams, nothing is what it seems and nobody is all good or all bad.