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Hey, I'm Emily! I've been writing since I was young. I wrote mostly fiction, but I've posted some nonfiction here, as well. I love it, it's so fun.

I grew up in Colorado, in Littleton, Loveland, and Fort Collins. I've moved around a lot, though, I can't stay too long in one place. I've traveled to South Africa, Zambia, the Marshall Islands, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. My husband and I do a lot of traveling, and we plan to revisit Europe in the future.

We live in Salem, Oregon right now with our two cats. I read, write, cook, try to make money from home. My chicken enchiladas are awesome.

Hope you enjoy the writing!

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Smashwords book reviews by Emily Ann Ward

  • Kate and Ben on Jan. 12, 2011

    A touching story with an intriguing ending :)
  • The Red Shoes on Jan. 12, 2011

    Great writing! The beginning takes away most of the suspense, but it had a neat little ending ;)
  • Intuition on Oct. 17, 2011

    Well, I'm hooked! This short story gives us just a glimpse into Luke and Sera's lives and their abilities: predicting the future and healing. Some of the prose in the beginning was repetitive, but the author has already painted an intriguing world. Definitely left me wanting more, especially with the semi-cliffhanger at the end. Plus, beautiful cover art!