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Born Northern Ireland in 1934. Lived there — and in Southern Ireland — for twenty years.

Went to England in 1954. Lived and worked in the London and Birmingham areas for the next eleven years.

In 1965 Des Griffin emigrated to Canada and, two years later, came to live in the United States — from 1967-1986 in the Los Angeles area. Employed mainly in publishing. Moved to Oregon in 1986.

As a youth Des Griffin developed a keen interest in politics and history — and in what makes things ‘tick.’ While living in England in the mid-1950s, he began his in-depth research into the causes behind the effects he could see unfolding on the European scene. Over the years his research intensified and became international in scope.

In the late 1960s Des Griffin began to consolidate his findings and to put them into chapter form. In 1974 he made a major knowledge ‘breakthrough’— the discovery of the existence of the Illuminati, the most secret of the secret societies, and their age-old plan to destroy all national governments and merge all nations into a totalitarian World Government or New World Order. This resulted (two years later) in the publication of his first book, Fourth Reich of the Rich, subtitled The Missing Dimension in World Affairs.

The thirty two years that have elapsed since Fourth Reich of the Rich was first published have only served to prove the startling accuracy of his basic research. Not one word of his research into what used to be known as the International Conspiracy — but which is now openly acknowledged as the global movement to create a New World Order — has had to be changed since first published in 1976.
Successive editions of Fourth Reich have been completely updated to reflect the continuing and accelerating moves to make the planned for New World Order a political reality.
The current edition was published in March 2005.
Sequels to Fourth Reich of the Rich are: Descent Into Slavery? (1980), Martin Luther King: The Man Behind the Myth (1987), Anti-Semitism and the Babylonian Connection (1988), Storming The Gates of Hell (1996), and Biblical Insights into 'God's Chosen People' (2001). Also Freedom or Slavery? (1990). The latter was co-authored with three other writers. All of these books (except for Freedom or Slavery?) are still in print.

With some friends, Des Griffin also began publishing Midnight Messenger in 1985.Though its circulation is small, this bi-monthly publication has subscribers in all fifty States — and in several foreign countries.
The aim of Midnight Messenger is to keep readers abreast of fast-moving events worldwide and to provide them with both the political and historical overview that will enable them to understand what is happening on both the national and international scenes.

Des Griffin and his wife, Karen, have two children (a son and a daughter) — and seven grandchildren and one great-grandson.

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The Best of Des Griffin -Vol. I
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The Best of Des Griffin is a variety of 17 "Midnight Messenger Newspaper" and "Des Griffin Newsletter" articles dating from the late 1980s to the present. The topics cover globalism, economics, and insights into the background of who really rules the world. An excellent companion to the author’s first two books "Fourth Reich of the Rich" and "Descent into Slavery?" which also cover globalism etc

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