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I first began writing at a young age -- in fact, I remember failing an essay assignment in fourth grade because I got carried away and was unable to complete it. The content that was there, on the other hand, most definitely caught my teacher's interest.

As of late, my writing has been more and more scarce. My muse slipped away after I lost the manuscript to a novel I wrote a few years ago. I've mentioned here and there a desire to get back into writing, however I never really worked toward that goal. Until now. My mother called me, raving about smashwords and coaxed me into writing once more.

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  • Here Comes the Rain: A Horror Story on March 08, 2011

    This piece is absolutely amazing! Senese has taken something form everyday life -- something so mundane -- and twisted it into a monster of her own creation. I came across this via a tweeted review and clicked the link out of curiosity. The sample drew me in, and I HAD to buy it.If you're a fan of The Twilight Zone or The Night Gallery, then this is a definite must read! Keep up the amazing work!
  • The Princess & the Penis on May 23, 2011

    If it weren't for the reviews, I likely wouldn't have downloaded it. I'm always in the mood for a little bit of adult humor, but there's a fine line between humor and lemons. In this case, The Princess and the Penis is far from that line, weighing in heavily on the pure humor side of things. I sat here and giggled throughout most of the read. This is an amazing twist on the classic tale of The Princess and the Pea and is a definite must read for those seeking a light hearted adult material. And those aunts? They are amazing. A definite read! Great work!