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Emma Woods is a small town girl from the Midwest. She loves reading, writing, and anything that involves imagination. Emma lives with her husband, daughter, and dog. She vaguely remembers winning a Young Authors award in the fourth grade, and has a bachelor’s degree in Language Arts Education. When Emma was little, she was sure that the neighbors were hiding a roller coaster in their backyard. As an adult, she keeps her imagination contained to the pages of her book. Beasts and Savages, the first in The Beastly Series, is Emma’s debut novel.

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Smashwords book reviews by Emma Woods

  • The Adventure of Stan and the Emerald of Foundation on Oct. 22, 2015

    The Adventures of Stan and The Emerald of Foundation is a high fantasy story suitable for all ages. Though there are dragons, wizards, goblins, and curses, the scenes are not so graphic that a younger audience couldn't enjoy them. In fact, I think children as young as seven or eight would love them. Ben Welsh has set the stage in a magical, action packed world for his main character, Stan. The tale begins with Stan and his comrades breaking into a cavern of gold guarded by Gordon the Gruesome, and every chapter after sends Stan and his friends through a chain of events that leads to a mountainous adventure with no lack of sword fights, archery, and a magical emerald with powers beyond belief. The final battle brings Stan full circle, and the ending leaves the reader waiting for the next installment of Stan's adventures.