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  • Shatter (The Children of Man, #1) on Nov. 23, 2011

    A great book with an intricate plot full of mystery and conspiracies and a magic structure that doesn't rely on previously written fantasy. There are so many characters that it's hard to remember them at first, but Elizabeth Mock does a great job of returning to them to solidify them in the reader's mind. Each character is unique, so even if you can't recall their names when asked you remember their faces and their personalities. (Of course, I'm terrible at remembering names anyway, so I'm not one to judge) One thing that I would fix is the use of commas. If you're a stickler for grammar and punctuation rules, this will bug you worse than a hornet's nest. However, it's a minor detractor to the book--one that could be easily fixed with the handy help of a friend with a red pen. That said, I've read punctuation-perfect books that were far inferior to this fine example of storytelling.