Erica Hutchings


Erica Hutchings is a loving wife and mommy of two feisty boys. She grew up on the east coast of the United States where she attributes her love of reading and writing from watching PBS Reading Rainbow. To Erica reading a book was like entering a world inside which she did not want to return from and still till this day enjoys escaping in a great book.

During her high school years Erica won various awards in English and was frequently told by her English teachers that she should pursue a career in writing. Alas it was not to be and Erica took a different route into real estate sales and administrative jobs.

In her mid-twenties Erica met and fell in love with her British husband in late 2003. In a whirlwind romance they married a year later. She moved to England for five years until they returned back across the pond to start a family. Erica currently resides in Hill Country, Texas where she has free time to put her many novels inside her head onto pen, paper and now e-readers.

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