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Smashwords book reviews by Erica

  • Color of Loneliness on Jan. 20, 2013

    Myra Sommers has lost the last of her family, her beloved grandfather. In attempt to heal, she leaves everyone behind, including a cheating ex named Trent, her often crazy, obnoxious best friend Susie, her job to move into the house her grandfather left her miles away. Too bad the house is a bit of a money pit. As the house falls apart around her, she meets her grandfather's neighbor and best friend, finding comfort in his memories. The author has a wonderful way of conveying the grief that Myra experiences during this trying time. Despite the endless days and sleepless nights, its well balanced with the often colorful antidotes from Susie and Myra's willingness to move on. She sets her mind to achieve a goal and steamrolls toward it. Whether its writing a book for the first time, tackling a renovation, unpacking, or standing up to a friend or rude contractor. Through her new neighbor, she enlists the help of Dylan Lawson, a contractor often hired because of his looks. His gruff exterior for a big portion of the book remains that way, often doing things that deserve a slap on the face. That is until he sees something in his client that he tried to ignore. Once they realized they are both feeling something for each other, its hard for them to fight the attraction. Why is Dylan such an ass, we find out a few clues in this book. Though this book ended with a cliff hanger, I know I'll be grabbing the next one once its available. Can't wait to read more.