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I'm a twenty-six year old author of gay incest stories. I like hot stories about guys like me getting it HARD from their brothers and older guys like their dads. What can I say? It's just my dirty little secret when I'm not busy working my barista job and surfing with my buddies, who have no idea what I'm up to on my Macbook LOL Hope you enjoy ;)


Gay Incest Erotica: Taboo Consenual, Dubcon, Rape Breeding Sex Involving Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Nephews, Brothers & Grandfathers
Gay Incest Erotica. Stories of brothers, fathers, sons and more, all fucking in the filthiest, dirtiest and most forbidden ways possible. Consensual, dubcon and even rape. But always hardcore, always between family members and always with wet, raw and unprotected bareback anal breeding! Gay Incest Erotica: Taboo Consenual, Dubcon, Rape Breeding Sex Involving Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Nephews, Brothers & Grandfathers. Authors note: All characters depicted in this series are aged 18 or older.
Father Son Incest Erotica
In this series, fathers fuck their sons in hot hard and unprotected incest action. The sex is sometimes consensual, sometimes dubious consent, and sometimes rape for titillation. But the stories are ALWAYS explicit and detailed butt-fucking sex between fathers and their own sons! Authors note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. Intended for adult readers ONLY. Thank you and enjoy. ;)
Brothers Raping Brothers: Gay Rape Incest Erotica
In this series are tales of brothers raping their own brothers! Gay, hard, always unprotected and RAW breeding. Brothers get butt-fucked whether they like it or not.
Gay Brothers: Taboo Incest Sex, Dubcon & Rape Erotica Books
Guys fucking (or getting fucked by) their brothers. Consensual, dubious consent, and even rape stories featured in this bundle! Rough, sweaty brother-on-brother sex, with college-aged boys breeding until their brother's gaping, throbbing buttholes are oozing sticky, steamy cum! Always hardcore, dirty and UNPROTECTED sex between brothers! They are straight, but with their brother RIGHT THERE ready for the taking, how can they resist? They know it is SO wrong, but they are too horny to resist hot, unprotected anal sex with their own brothers!


Handcuffed & Raped by His Big Brother: Gay Brothers Incest Rape Erotica (5.00 from 1 review)
After 18 year-old Tommy spikes his big brother's drink with an aphrodisiac, Trevor finds out and intends to punish his little bro. Since the potion makes Trevor VERY horny, he handcuffs his little brother to the bed and has his way with the teen, raping his little brother's mouth and butt. Trevor is going to pound his little brother until he's gaped, bred and pumped full of big bro's cum!
Gay Incest Rape: Raped by His Big Bro after Losing a Bet (5.00 from 2 reviews)
When he loses a fantasy football bet with his big brother, skinny 18 year-old Braden finds himself naked, with his face down and ass up, and at the mercy of his horny jock older brother, who intends to make the teen pay up with his most private and intimate hole. Braden is about to get fucked raw by his big brother, rough, dirty—and hardly with consent—until he has a butt full of big bro’s cum.
Butt-Fucking My Brat Son: Father Son Taboo Incest Erotica (5.00 from 1 review)
I’m tired of my teen son being a little brat at school. So, it’s time to set him straight. He needs a dose of some seriously hard and unforgettable punishment. What better way to teach my eighteen year-old a lesson than to fuck him into submission? I know it’s SO wrong, but I’m to teach him respect, I’m going to have to pound him until his butt is gaping and filled with dad’s virile cum.
Brothers Fucking: 10 Story Gay Incest Breeding Bundle (5.00 from 1 review)
10 Stories and nearly 40,000 words of HOT, FILTHY, UNPROTECTED RAW brother-on-brother sex. Straight brothers go gay and do it all night long until one ends up bred and pumped full of steamy, sticky sperm. It's the most forbidden thing two brothers can do, but these bros cannot resist but to get down and filthy with one another, even if only for this one time...
Pounding My Straight Son's Boy Hole: Father Son Gay Incest Dubcon Breeding
I've had enough of waiting for my teen son to turn into a real man. He's eighteen and he's effeminate, skinny and weak. And when I caught him wearing a girl's thong, I knew it was time to pound him into obedience. Because my son is either going to become a real man, or he's going to be a sissy boy who serves real men. And who better to help him figure it out than his dad's eight-inch meat?
Little Brother Forced Gay: Gay Dubcon Incest Breeding Erotica (5.00 from 1 review)
When Finn's girlfriend leaves in disgust after his 18yo brother, Steven, is caught spying on them, horny Finn now has no girl around to satisfy his needs. So, Finn decides on the next best thing, to force his little brother to provide a tight, warm hole for him to pound and break. And it doesn't matter that Steven is straight, because Finn is bigger and stronger, so little bro is about to pay!
Stealing My Bro's Anal Virginity: Gay Brothers Incest Erotica
When Jared gets caught trying to steal his older brother’s sextoy, he is taught a hard lesson about taking things that do not belong to you. His older brother Brady decides to teach by example when he takes Jared’s anal virginity. Brady isn’t going to stop until his little bro is an aching, throbbing and sweaty mess, pumped full of his hot, virile justice!
Daddy Knows Best: Father Son Gay Incest Breeding
When I caught my teen son posting pictures of himself naked on the internet for money, I knew he needed to be taught a HARD lesson about what happens when you tease and entice real men; they're going to want to take you nice and hard. So, it was my job to prepare my son for that truth and pound him into a wet, aching mess until he was spilling with dad's seed. Because, after all, daddy knows best!
Pounding My Tied-Up Bro: Gay Brothers Incest
College jock Trent comes home only to find that his little brother, Alex, has been left naked and tied-up to his bed. Trent gets hard looking at his brother all tied-up with his legs spread wide and butt exposed. He knows it's WRONG, but he can't help but want to pound his brother. After all, being tied up, what choice does Alex have but to take it? Looks like Alex is in for a long, hard pounding!
Filled by My Brother: Gay Incest Breeding (3.50 from 2 reviews)
When my big brother Jarrod came home from college, he was under strict rules that he couldn't hook up with any girls. When I threatened to tell my parents that he was going to go hang out with an old girlfriend, Jarrod decided that he had a better idea. He could get all the release he craved while never talking to a single girl. How Because he was about to pound ME his little brother long and hard
Mounted by Brother: Gay Brothers Incest Breeding
When Jacob is caught looking at naughty gay pictures by his older brother, Dillon, the college jock decides that his younger brother needs to be punished long and hard for his dirty habit!
Punished by Daddy: Father Son Gay Incest Breeding
When Cody is caught looking at pictures of naked guys, his father Brian decides that he's had enough of his son's "pretty boy" ways. Brian has tried to make an alpha out of his son. But now that he realizes Cody will never be such a man, he knows that his son's fate is to be a bottom "twink". He has no choice but to punish Cody with a nice, hard pounding like only dad can do...
Banged by My Bro and His Buddies: Gay Incest Breeding
When Tommy stumbles into his big brother's poker game, the eighteen year-old straight boy tries to remain discrete. But when he is caught, his big brother Jessie decides to put HIM up for a game. When Jessie loses, his three jock buddies get to do whatever they want with Tommy. Unfortunately for Tommy, they want his mouth and his butt, and they want it HARD, ROUGH AND WET! And so does Jessie!
Dressing My Brother like a Girl: Gay Incest Breeding
When Dillon's little brother Cody loses a bet, he's forced to dress up in their sister's clothes. Only, once Dillon sees his younger brother dressed like a pretty girl, he can't help but take his brother hard, rough and wet for the girl that he has become. It's not gay if he looks like a girl, right? Click "more" to see an ADULTS ONLY excerpt from the story!
Banging My Blindfolded Bro: Gay Incest Breeding (4.00 from 2 reviews)
When I came home to discover my eighteen year-old brother blind-folded and naked, waiting for his girlfriend, I was strangely turned on by the sight. He's my brother, but there was something about his curves and muscles and not to mention the nice things between his legs, that left me wanting to do things to him. I knew it was wrong. I'm his older brother, after all. But I couldn't help myself, an
Pounding My Brother: Gay Incest Breeding
When brothers Jared and Brody are competing for the affections of the girl of their dreams, they vow to do just about anything to get with her. So, she decides she wants to see the brothers do some VERY dirty things with each other. Jared is hesitant, but his big bro wants Alyssa more than anything. So, Jared is about to end up bent over and pounded by his BRO!
Pounding My Brother Into Submission: Gay Incest Breeding
When brothers sneak a peek at one another's privates, all bets are off. Caleb knows his older brother has caught him jerking off, but did Dustin see just what he was up to? Did he see that he was looking at gay porn? He decides to get even and sneak a peek at Dustin, but he ends up bent over the couch and split open on his older brother's big, hard meat and filled with his hot, virile sperm.
Testing My Bro: Gay Incest Breeding
When my little brother Brody turned eighteen, my dad told me it was time to give him "the test." Basically, it's a to test to see whether or not he's gay. Well, one thing led to another, and next thing I know, Brody and I were tangled up and naked on my bed. Turns out I failed "the test." But that's okay. Pounding my bro's virgin butt and filling it with sperm is WAY funner than being straight!
Banging Brother: Gay Incest Breeding
A skinny-dipping at the creek shared by two step-brothers quickly turns into a straight-to-gay pounding when Bradley is taken hard and filled with virile sperm by his new jock step-brother, Eric.
Pounding My Brother's Tight Hole: Gay Incest Breeding (4.00 from 1 review)
When Dylan's eighteen year-old brother comes to stay for the week, he swears the teen is trying to seduce him. When he finds out Tyler is gay, Dylan starts to have naughty thoughts about the blonde. He knows it's wrong, but he can't stop thinking of bending Tyler over and pounding his tight, round butt. And now, he might just get his wish...
Breeding My Brother's Virgin Ass
Brothers Kyle and Braylen compare dick size. When Kyle has the bigger dick, he decides that Braylen needs to "pay up" for losing, leading to the blonde teen getting pounded and rammed until his virgin ass is broken open and pumped full of nice, warm sperm...

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