R. Eric Hansen


You may not have seen him in front of some camera or even in the front of the room, but R. Eric Hansen has planned and attended many high-profile events. He has been in the event-planning industry for over a decade and has met thousands of people in his travels. Having been a student of human behavior, he has observed the dating and mating habits of men and women at his many events. After years of listening to guys complain about what they were not getting from women, and women wondering what it takes to get a man, Mr. Hansen (as he is affectionately and flirtatiously called) started asking questions. He asked the men what was missing - after all many of the women are gorgeous, have incredible careers, or are extremely ambitious and very well educated. What more could a man ask for, right?

The Study of Graphic Design and Advertising in New York City led him to start his career in the Visual Art Industry. However, after almost two decades in retail, and meeting thousands of people, his charm and charisma caught the attention of a Beverly Hills event-planning company. The event-planning industry turned out to be the better fit. One thing that he learned while planning events was that people love to eat. While he himself is not the best cook, he has taken his love for food to another level by studying exactly what it is about food that affects relationships.


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