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Colchester, known as Camulodunon at the time of the Romans conquest, is the oldest recorded town in Britain. At that time it was Britain’s capital. The Fat Fairy’s ‘Castle Gang’ has Roman links. The Castle Ward, where the gang reside, is so named because of the town’s castle, which was built on top of the ruins the large and elaborate ‘Temple to the Divine Claudius’. It’s one hell of a link!

I was born in the town and am very proud of that link. I’ve tried to move away a couple of times, once to work in the gold mines of South Africa and the other to be a peasant in the French Pyrenees, but the bond is too powerful to break and staying away proved to be an impossible option.

I have no idea if the Fat Fairy was around during Roman occupation, or in 1648, during the Siege of Colchester, when Royalist leaders Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle stupidly ripped open their shirts in the Castle Park and invited a Parliamentary firing squad to shoot them. They were shot! Which makes me think, perhaps the mischief maker was there.

The Fat Fairy only turned up in my brain about a year ago. Perhaps he chose me because of my rebellious ranting about the Colchester planners. Daniel Defoe had a lucky escape. Never the less, I was the one chosen and I have to accept it. But I’m not going down without a fight; I’ve devised a plan, which I hope works before I become totally insane.

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