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  • Forbidden on Aug. 24, 2013

    I absolutely adored this book. It was great for young adult readers, and for adult readers. I really loved Roseline. After literally hundreds of years of severe abuse from the man who is most likely the most scary man on the planet, she risked a possibly severely painful death to escape him, leaving with practically nothing, and starting a new life at a Prep school in Chicago. As you may expect, Roseline was hesitant in making too many friends, but the friends she did make were every bit as important to the story as she was. I loved all of their individual quirky personalities, and how they brought Rose out of her shell, and made her (and me as the reader) laugh. And then there’s Gabriel….the perfect guy. She can’t stay away from him. No matter how hard she tries, they are both constantly drawn together, and they start to realize there is more to their story than just a crush or a physical attraction. And although Roseline is afraid to get too close, and have her past literally come back to haunt her, Gabriel won’t give up. The author did a perfect job of keeping their relationship realistic in how you would think they would really be affected by her (real) age, her past that could kill, and the strange new things that were happening with Gabriel. There were definitely some “awww” moments, but not too many. It was perfect. The end of the book wrapped up perfectly, not leaving a cliffhanger, but definitely leaving me ready to read the next book ASAP! It was a great read! This Review is copyrighted. Please do not share without giving Paranormal Reads/Erin full credit.