Erin Rose


As a young girl, Erin stumbled upon her mother's hidden stack of Harlequin books in the corner of the closet used as a bookcase. Sneaking them one-by-one opened up a whole new world of fiction. As her mind grew with her new found wealth, Erin began writing stories of her own. She knew, of course, that these stories would never make it to her school writing classes.

By the time Erin entered college, she knew what she wanted to do with her life. She started writing her romantic bits on websites of her own, long before blogging was a thing. Geocities and Tripod, anyone? Erin later formed her own paid subscription website where she churned out bad boy romance in between clients and tax seasons.

Then, the ereader boom hit. Website sales were down and Erin knew she had to venture into other avenues for publishing. What you see before you are years of hard work and effort. Erin's not a '50 Shades' overnight sensation. She's also not a popup trying to ride along in the wind from someone else's work. Erin Rose is truly a class act and she's here to stay.

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