Erin Schmidt


(Erin's work is dictated to her by Violetta Marmalade-Spirit)

Violetta Marmalade-Spirit is nineteen years old. She recently graduated from witchcraft school with a degree in Witch’s Studies. She now works overseas, teaching spells to underprivileged girls from traditional unicorn-herding societies.

Violetta comes from a long line of witches. Her mother, Augustina Marmalade, is an internationally recognized expert on potion-brewing. Perhaps her greatest contribution to world potion-lore is a recipe that turns failure into determination. Augustina claims to be part fairy.

Violetta’s father, Patrick Arthur Spirit, is an invisible man. He works in the tourism industry, and has been featured in a number of famous haunted houses. Although Violetta hasn’t seen him in ages, he is always knocking her hat off her head and running away, chuckling.

When she isn’t writing books for girls or casting spells, Violetta enjoys playing soccer, riding broomsticks with her friends, and knitting. She especially likes turning frogs back into handsome princes by the traditional method of throwing them into stone walls.


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