Ernest Clement


Ernest Clement was born in early 1945 and has been a lifelong resident of the southeastern United States. He has a loving wife and two extraordinary children. He had a career of over 30 years working for his national government in a capacity that gave him invaluable experience serving the invisible poor. Ernest has spent decades in thoughtful study of politics, economics, and spirituality. The Book of Ernest is his first book.
"The world is in great need of a larger, enhanced vision of God’s truth, if we are His creation, and this is His universe. Our planet is exhausted and under great and increasing stress …. Nothing less than a revelation with a capital “R” will satisfy modern man; not any vague, obscure, private revealing, not any wispy rehash of what has gone before will satisfy us. We want something the world has not seen before, an event so astounding that we all know a new epoch has begun."

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Ernest Clement talks about his 1st book and how it came to be offered to humanity. He talks about his intention for this book. "What I share with you now has been building in me for decades." "What I need to say is for the whole of humanity, and I do not exclude anyone". "I do intend to be among the agents of an epochal transformation of this world."


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