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I review erotic books. If you have a book or short story you would like reviewed check back soon to get my contact info. Looking for a spam free way to post it on here.


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Smashwords book reviews by Erotic Review

  • The Professor on June 07, 2011

    I have to say I was surprised by this offering from Seth Daniels. Not usually one for romance it was nice to get some in this story without losing the graphic sex that normally accompanies a tale by Mr. Daniels. I hope this is a trend going forward. Rose is an interesting character, although it would have been nice to expand her motivations a bit more I understand the need to get to some sex. On that note the sex is very hot and detailed, no flowering petals here.
  • The Dumb Jock And The Goth Girl on June 07, 2011

    This short story was was good although I almost didn't get to find that out. The male character really is such a dick that I could barely continue reading. It is worth putting up with his foul mouth to get to the end though because he certainly gets his.