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Trapper Jack is an outdoorsman and television personality who was discovered through his tutorial videos on his YouTube channel. His first publication was "Guillieman's Island: The Essential Wilderness Handbook," the first in the TrapperJack Wilderness Guides series. From 2011 to 2015, he was one of the hosts of a world renowned television show that earned a viewership of over 34 million each season. He loves to research ancient civilizations and the methods with with they survived.

Other skills he has acquired are basic architecture, blueprint design, and over twenty years' experience as a carpenter. Science and mathematics have always been of keen interest to him, as well as having a fondness for all types of history. He has always enjoyed art, including wood carving, sketch drawing, jewelry making from natural materials and mixed medium sculpting.

Trapper Jack lives with his wife, Lisa, and their ten year old daughter, Tatjana. They own a lovable dog named Simba and his mother's birds. He also has two daughters from a previous marriage, Krystal and Ashley, who are now grown and live away from home with families of their own.

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