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Smashwords book reviews by Elena

  • The Davina Code on April 24, 2013

    I really enjoyed the story of Jack and Davina. It was a cute romantic comedy. Davina was crazy funny and Jack, oh Jack, he was a scary, manly and just irresistible. I loved their almost surreal conversations and even crazier actions. They were complete opposites, yet they in the end they fitted each other perfectly. Their story was complemented by brilliant supporting characters - Marianne, Andy, the whole film crew. I really enjoyed the dialogue in the novel, there more than one moments when I was laughing almost hysterically. I also very much liked the writing style - British colloquialisms and a quirky sense of humour. My main concern was that the ending felt a bit rushed. Some lines in the plot were left unresolved. Still, Davy and Jack got a very fitting happily ever after - funny and unexpected, still very sweet. I received a copy on this book for review.