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This Author is also a talented clothing designer of well-endowed women apparel. Ecco Savoy-Debnam began to design The E.Savoy Collection, a complete and realistic brand of beautiful clothes designed specifically around the bust, and attentive to the rest of the body. Ecco also spent much of her career in front of the camera. As a former model with the Kemcy Model Agency in New York City. Modeling across the country in cities like Chicago and Dallas, and made an international mark through her trips to fashion capitals like Paris, France. Thru this experience she clearly saw the target market for which she knew could really use her expertise and discovered her distinctive, niche market. In 2002, The E.Savoy Limited Collection was born as an outcome of her desire, to create clothes that would cater to the unique needs of women that are well-endowed. After 7 years of research and designing, the line came to full fruition in 2006. E.Savoy successfully launched its spring collection at The Famous Marion’s Restaurant in New York City in May 2006, and has been featured, on Spotlight on New Jersey, a television show on New Jersey channel 12 hosted by news anchor Della Cruz. As well as getting a 5 STAR rating on “The Urban Wall Street Project.”News program with Host Earl Christan III, in New York City in November of 2008. Ecco shows no sign of slowing down when the economy began to fall apart she started writing and emerged as an Author of a new Book... May 2010 she published her 1st book called “Go Get It!” By E.Savoy She is currently finished her 2nd book, Born To Be Blessed! September 2010. Both books are now available on as well as
The Series is now called (Defying the Odds, A Journey to your Victory Chronicles).

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