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I was born and raised in Ethiopia, from Christian parents. If someone is Ethiopian by birth, it is not an option ‘to have or not have a religion’. Christianity for Ethiopian is not a privilege but a right. It is in our gene. Christianity for Ethiopians is not just a religion, but a way of life, culture, and history. The teachings of Jesus Christ and the holy books are applicable and practical in Ethiopians daily life. Fifteen years ago I came to the United States of America (the newest part of the world) from Africa (the oldest part of the world). The place I grew up was so remote that; there was no electricity, no telephone, no television or any other modern way of communications and transportations. On my arrival in the states, I start to communicate with my limited English. When introduce my name, as ‘Markos’ to some people, they ask me what my African name is, (as if Markos is my nickname). I was a little bit confused. When I tell them that it is my African name, they seem either unconvinced or they don’t take my answer serious. Later I learn that, the name ‘Markos’ and other biblical names are found in many countries and languages. I start to question who took the names from whom or in other words, which country had those names first. The more I stayed in the USA and learn English, the more I realize the similarities between English and Ethiopian words.
I started researching on the subject ten years ago, three years later I decide to prepare a dictionary. In my research I was able to persuade myself that, just like all human race originated from a single human family, all languages are also emerged from a single language family. Therefore, I decide to collect the most common words and names among peoples of different nations. Especially between ‘the newest world language’ English (American official language) and ‘the oldest world language’ Amharic (Ethiopian official language) At the beginning of my research, it was not easy to get a bilingual bible name dictionaries, in Amharic and English. I checked at New York City library, online libraries and other venues, but there was none. Then I was convinced that, it is essential to prepare one and, with that dictionary, show similarities between languages. To prove my point, I studied over four thousand biblical names, converse several bible dictionaries and pick the most common, one thousand biblical words. These are words found in many languages and scriptures with only slight changes with spelling and pronunciations. It took me about seven years to compile, and give shape and content of this type of a book.
This dictionary is the first in its type; that means there is no other bilingual bible dictionary in Amharic and English, to my knowledge. I’m hoping that, this book will help others understand the meanings of biblical names in Amharic and English languages in parallel comparison. Even for others it may help to do extend their research on the original meanings and secret messages of biblical language.

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