Earline Sumrall


My name is Earline Sumrall. I was born and raised in GARY, IN. I received my Masters Degree in Education from Indiana University.I have worked in the public sector as a caseworker,teacher,and Director of Childcare. Despite my years and experiences in working with the youth, I still lost my son Ammon to prison. It has been a heartbreaking experience.
I have talked with Ammon many times over the years as to why he is in prison and he has owned up to his mistakes. He feels bad and is remorseful. As such, he has embarked on trying to educate the youth about how the legal system works in hopes to keep them from following him to prison.I agree with this mission because our youth
need information and I don't want other parents to lose their children to prison as I have.Please write a review of this book and support our mission. Thank you,
Earline Sumrall


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