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David Richmond, author and creator of the science fiction fantasy adventure series The Worlds Of Evad™ is a long time avid science fiction fan who lives in Western New York in a suburb of Buffalo.

David is a professional computer graphics consultant. He provides electronic document creation, web site and multimedia development services, is a digital graphic artist and musician and is now personally pursuing his love of science fiction by authoring a number of his own original stories.

His work on The Worlds Of Evad™ began way back in late 1999 with his first rough sketches and test digital paintings of some of the alien worlds he envisioned.  In early 2000 he decided to start creating his full color digital paintings of these worlds and his vision of what his Intergalactic Exploratory Probe Evad would look like.  Over the next eight years, purely as a hobby, he worked on his digital paintings and made some rough notes of the various worlds he envisioned.  In 2007 he developed the Full Color Excerpt Book and multimedia Excerpt DVD for the series, which included his narration of excerpts from the story, his full color digital paintings and a visualization sound track to help the viewer imagine what the various worlds would be like.  Late in 2007 he began the process of getting the full story out of his head and on to paper - well, into the computer first...  :-)

Volume 1: The Alpha Missions, his first book of The Worlds Of Evad™ series, print published in January 2010, includes The Mission Briefing, which introduces the reader to the series by first describing the events that led up to the formation of the Deep Space Exploratory Consortium (DSEC), his futuristic vision of an organization equivalent to a worldwide NASA, and then provides the details regarding the development and construction of the Intergalactic Exploratory Probe Evad, the advanced unmanned spacecraft that humankind launched to explore "the vastness of space" and how it would fabricate and dispatch its sub-probes to explore points of interest along its journey.

The Mission Briefing also includes the details regarding the development of the Transponder Array Complex (TAC) as well as the Control and Earth Relay Complex (CERC) facilities constructed on the surface of the Moon, built to help support probe Evad's mission. Included in this first book of the series is also the first full report sent back to Earth by probe Evad, designated as Transmission, which describes the first twenty exploratory discoveries.

This first book of the series ends with the actions taken by the DSEC as a result of probe Evad's first transmission report and the decisions that were made initiating humankind's first manned deep space mission - the Galactic Node Expedition (GNE) - which brought humankind together as a species like no other event in its history.

...the series continues! :-)

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The Worlds Of Evad - Volume 1 - The Alpha Missions
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 61,440. Language: English. Published: February 6, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
It is the future... This first volume describes the events that led up to the formation of The Deep Space Exploratory Consortium and the development of probe Evad. Included is also probe Evad's first full report transmission. Also learn about the discovery that initiated humankind's first manned deep space mission and brought humankind together as a species like no other event in its history.

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