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  • Quest of the Demon on Feb. 16, 2011

    For a first time author this book was pretty good. You have the standard mix of characters – a wizard apprentice, warrior woman, knight and elf. What isn’t standard is the off-worlder. A 16 year old Aussie girl who gets drawn into a completely different world. The first part of the book takes you on a journey from where Darci – the main character – arrives in Nahaba, bought there by Taslessian the wizard apprentice to the cave of a great dragon who they hope can send Darci home. But this is not to be, she’s been drawn to this world for a greater purpose – the Quest of the Demon. So she gets sent on a quest with the warrior woman, Knight, Elf and wizard apprentice to go pick up their weapons of choice and head down south for battle, avoiding and battling through all sorts of dramas on the way. You may think that this is a standard story line, but the author here wrights the characters well, portraying Darci as the uncertain 16 year old that she would be – not some magical unrealistic character that can just get the job done. The description is great and even amusing at times while getting right down into it during battle. The ending itself was unexpected and as such, I look forward to reading the follow on. A highly recommended read for young adults / adults in my opinion.