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Tom Evans studied electronic engineering at university before embarking on a career in the broadcasting and internet industries. He was fascinated by what seemed to be the magic of radio and television and to his parents’ chagrin took transistor radios apart as a child to see how they worked. Reassembly was not always successful – there were often some bits left over.
He started writing fiction in his late 40s after a light bulb moment following an encounter with a tarantula in a shower.
He became fascinated by where ideas actually came from out of the blue and how our minds generate creative thoughts, or don’t.
His research led him to train as a hypnotherapist, a past life regressor and a Mind Map trainer.
He runs regular workshops on how to Unleash the Book, Blog and Idea Inside You. He is an entertaining and enlightening speaker and talks on where ideas come from and how to free yourself from creative blocks.
He is a student of the esoteric and exoteric and many colleagues and clients have called him a modern seer, shaman and alchemist. Tom sagely avoids such labels. Nevertheless, his clients report that he seems to be able to help them turn their words into literary gold.
He lives in Surrey in the UK and is lucky to have access to the best resource ever for a blocked writer, two dogs who need walking daily. This book could not have been written without their help.

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