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  • Horny Hitchhiker on April 06, 2012

    A fun quickie, but I thought it moved a little too briskly even so. There was more action, positions and locations crammed into not enough words. Ms. Dayne began with a decent enough set-up, but her heroine went from being pissed off at the drivers who leered at her to horny as all get-out and willing to have sex in a moving car with someone she had never met before at the flip of a switch. It made everything that happened afterwards a lot less believable. Although I must admit that the action, brief and unmotivated as it was, was sell described. And, being brief, it didn't fall into the trap of being bogged down in a lot of extra detail -- which ruins a lot of these kind of stories for me. Not the best story on this site, but far from the worst And well worth the price! If you like them quick and fun, you might enjoy this story more than I did.
  • Nicole In Our Bed on April 06, 2012

    Wow! Just wow! Breathtaking. Stunning. Incredible. Different, but in lots of very good ways. Lots of little, unexpected touches; most of which don't really register until later in the story. I devoured it, then just had to have a long, steaming jacuzzi (you gals know what I mean!) to think it over. Then read it again, and liked it even better the second time. So, it's back to the jacuzzi after this! During the sex (which there is plenty of, and plenty of wet, juicy details of) the narration gradually takes on a syncopated, jazzy rhythm that I had to go back over in some places. It gets complicated (but worth it!) and never seemed to unfold in quite the way I was expecting. But it always made sense in the end. I think. What it did was really make me feel what the characters were feeling, which is the whole point of storytelling (especially in porn!) The story starts in the middle, like it should, and it's forward movement is interrupted (during the 'cooling off' usually) to fill in the beginning in little sips. They sometimes clarify what we've just seen, sometimes give context to what follows. No vampires, werewolves, or aliens in here. No strap-on wielding cheerleaders raping german shepherds. If that's your thing, look elsewhere. But if you like stories of real people, in a situation that could happen in anybody's bedroom (if the circumstances were right) it's in here.
  • More Than Drinks on April 14, 2012

    More sweet than sad, I thought. But why go home? What is waiting there that is better than such a wonderful man in a tropical paradise? I was a little confused by the bikini that turned into underwear, and when 'she shifted her body so that his hand accidently brushed her breast.' Was it an accident on her part, or deliberate? I think the latter, but I'm not sure. But still. a very nice and sweet story. Just think a little before boarding that plane! Maybe one more day, one more night?
  • My Mystery Lover on April 14, 2012

    Blunt, to the point, and *very* hot. A keeper. It's great that she had a wonderful time and is going to be getting off tomorrow and thereafter, but what about her poor husband? Can we see what happens to him?
  • First Time For Everything on April 18, 2012

    Quick and to the point. Leaves you wanting more, like a good story should. And it flowed very smoothly from set-up to finish. But maybe it all went a little too easy? The story was missing the hesitation and awkwardness of two people trying a completely new thing. It's not so simple to do on a whim! But still, it was very nicely written and a fun, quick read.