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  • To Kiss a Leprechaun on Oct. 18, 2015

    I usually don't read fantasy story, but this book immediately hooks me from the start. I can't stop reading it. I love this book because it teaches you about the true meaning of inner beauty and appearance is not everything. The other thing is that people are unexpected. Don't judge the book by its cover. I would rate this book for 5.5 out of 5!!! You will love the adventure, the thrill and the world of fantasy.
  • The Bargain: Episode 1 A Port Elizabeth Regency Tale on Dec. 03, 2015

    The Bargain Episode I had an interesting story. I like the plot and the characters. Precious Jewell was the lady's maid of the third Baron Welling's wife. When she was freed by her mistress so that she would take care of her son, she could not refused. How could she deny her dying wish? But after two years, a shocking truth that changed her freedom and a certain handsome baron made sure of that. The Third Baron Welling was still in regret of what was happening to his wife two years ago. Now, he needed Jewell more than ever to take care of his heir. So he made a difficult offer that she couldn't refuse. I really love the setting and the era. The rebellion that she put to her master was understandable. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Rattled on Aug. 08, 2016

    When I read the dedication, I know this story is going to be amazing. A story for all of the mothers in the world. Rattled perfectly conveys the emotion a mother had gone through in making a decision for her child. It was so difficult and heartbreaking. When Kelsey had to put her daughter for adoption, she believed that it would be the best for the child. Brady would be cared and loved with a better chance of future. It had been six years but Kelsey still remembered the feeling of holding her baby for the first time before letting her go forever. She wanted to make a tattoo to be reminded of her baby. She had been saving up some money and finally she got it. Alex never expected the girl he resented to be the one whose body he had to draw on. He had to get the job in Reeds so he convinced her to allow him to be her artist There are always two sides of coins. Alex saw Kelsey as the girl who abandoned her child while she saw him as the boy who doesn't understand. Throughout the story, the horrifying past of these two souls were revealed and they tore my heart. There were sadness, grief and pain in it. But the most beautiful thing in it was Kelsey's abundant love for her child. I got to know what Alex felt and I can't blame him for feeling what he did. To show love through art way also hooked me into the story immediately. Recommended read. Rating: 4.5 stars