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A small press, we formed in mid-2011, and have grown rapidly since. With an ever-expanding team of authors, editors, artists, translators, and audiobook producers, we now offer books across multiple formats, in most genres -- everything from children's picture books to thrillers, from lower grade chapter books to romance & erotica, from YA to literary. We have something for everyone.

Each piece undergoes a rigorous and demanding editorial process. We believe in the power of words and in professionalism. QUALITY IS PRIORITY #1 -- that's not just a slogan, it's practically our religion.

Visit us at www.EvolvedPub.com, where autographed copies of many of our print books are available. And be sure to sample our work here on Smashwords. Discover our quality for yourself.

Dave Lane (aka Lane Diamond) - CEO, Managing Publisher/Editor, Co-Owner
Rick Eck - CFO, Co-Owner
David LItwack - Co-Owner
Jeff Altabef - Co-Owner
Dale Robert Pease - Co-Owner, Art Director
Ana Popielnicki - Translations Manager

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