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f/64 Publishing is a small publishing house in Portland, Maine. Our home office overlooks the Fore River Bay, which reflects splendid sunsets that inspire us daily.

We liberate high quality writing from the slush piles of other presses—like pirates plundering the rough for diamonds. A certain amount of really good material never gets published because long-established houses can only take on so much...and because they have to justify every book to their accountants. Our business model encourages us to invest in brave new talent shown in worthy prose.

The financial bottom line, especially when based on antiquated business models, is a terrible gatekeeper for our culture. That’s where our new generation of small publishing houses comes in.

We have a business model that makes lemonade out of the death of traditional publishing. The result: we can take chances on culturally and intellectually relevant work, like an academic press...and we can market it far and wide, to spread the author's message and support our business through sales, like a mainstream press. So what are we?

Not into labels, for one thing. Call it avant garde in the truest sense--we are proud to join the new wave of publishing houses that are trying new business strategies, and taking on awesome projects, to see what works in the new age of publishing.

We are f/64 Publishing, and we’re leading the way.

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