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  • Branded (Fall of Angels) on Dec. 07, 2011
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    I've just finished the entire series and enjoyed every moment, I wish they were longer because I read fast but I'll take it any way I can get it. I'm excited to share these books with my teen nieces. It is nice to see an author who can write dark paranormal without it having to go over the sex line. There are hints but it is all very subtle and adds to the story, less is more and it is more. I'd love to see this series expanded upon. I see a lot of potential for long series, I used to live in Redmond just down the road from the area and I could see the movie in my head, mark my words, Keary Taylor will be a household name if she continues writing like this. Wish I'd taken a screenwriting course.
  • The Unfinished Song: Sacrifice (Book 3) on Dec. 24, 2011

    As she did in the previous novels in this series Tara Maya had me hooked and kept me that way the entire time. I'm loving this series, the culture she has created has depth which is often lacking in other books of this genre. Instead of a simple overview you learn more and more about the customs and culture as the book progresses. The story fits seamlessly together I only wish I wasn't left longing for Kavio and Dindi, will they ever be allow to love? Avoiding common situations in one thing but keeping these two apart is becoming painful. I'm looking forward to the next one, the only thing lacking is that there isn't more for me to read, Ms. Maya, please hurry with the next book, or send me some chapterS to proof I NEED MORE!!!
  • Witch of the Bayou on Feb. 10, 2012

    I inhaled this story so fast the last page felt like I'd slammed into a brick wall, I was caught up in the momentum and thought there would be more. I want more, need more....
  • In A Time Of Darkness on Feb. 17, 2012

    I am a horrid speller and as one I want to expose a trap I fall into sometimes and that is spell/grammar check, they are not always your friend, this author fell into that trap, there were several times where the words in a sentence has no business being there, what was replaced by when, or I replaced by If, it was clearly either spell/grammar check or the author on auto-pilot. I strongly believe with impartial editing this book could be great, I only hope the next book gets the editing it deserves, with over 600 pages on my nook seems a waste to not edit it properly. Now on with my review, I don't start a book I don't finish, even if it is horrid, for several reasons but mostly because I write and want to avoid mistakes,seeing them made makes me aware of what can happen when you don't pay attention to the small stuff. That being said this is a good book, it was good with the potential to be great, potential that would be brought out with a strong editor. There was the usual fantasy fare, dwarves, elves, good wizards, an evil, demented sick, paranoid ,king with his equally evil , twisted sick wizards, an ageless hero knight, a girl with great power who the hero helped raise who he is also in love with (little bit like incest to me) , a goddess who hangs out with the hero and his band of not so merry men and women, a ex-fiancé/sociopath and his obsession, a demon/woman who finds him ripe for the plucking, while also manipulating the king, a general who is hell bent on bring a prophesy to life but also has a somewhat twisted sense of honor all brought together in a land that has been sucked lifeless by the king and where after 300 years of his ruling the group of heroes seeks to end his reign and bring 'hope' back to the land. There was some painfully descriptive language, I love detail but some parts I had to push myself to get through, some of the fight/battle scenes were hard to digest and although the author put loads of effort into describing some places and battles I had a hard time with it, sometimes it was just too much. But apart from that I read it to the end and as I said with editing it would have been brilliant.
  • Lure on March 13, 2012

    Sam has lost everything, her job as a police officer, her home, her credibility, probably her boyfriend, her standing in the community and her self respect. Plagued by the nick name "ghost girl" Sam is ridiculed by both police officers and and locals because she swears she saw a girl in the road when she swerved and slammed her police cruiser into an ambulance, the problem being no one else saw anything. Sam and her friend Shells as well as Sam's 71 Chevy Camaro (girl after my own heart) are trying to capture proof of the paranormal, by doing their own ghost hunting. While local investigations don't pan out (toasting ghosts with shots of Crown Royal)as planned and the police take out their frustration on Sam on a regular basis, she stats to think its time to get out of town, right about that time Shells sets up a website and manages to get a chance at an investigation in North Carolina at an Inn/Spa, that's as far as I've gotten and I am loving it. The characterization in this book is amazing, both Sam and Shells have biting whit and both wield their caustic sense of humor with no remorse. It had me howling with laughter and in tears at one point. This author has a gift and I hope to see more from him soon. "I want a dolla's werf of cheese"
  • Blood Hunt on March 23, 2012

    I started a review on my nook but had too much I wanted to say to deal with the little keyboard. I'm in LOVE! This was written with skill equal to the godmother of vampire fiction Anne Rice, certainly beats LK Hamilton into the ground with no effort at all. The culture created in this series is extraordinary, this author took great care to develop characters who you can't help wanting to know more about but never leaves you wanting. It brings a new depth to vampire fiction that has been missing from most books out there since Anne Rice stopped writing about our favorite blood drinkers. I have to admit I had the first in the series on my nook for almost 6 months before I read it because I forgot I'd downloaded it but over the past 36 hours I've read this and The Blood That Bonds. Passion, Anger, Humor, Frustration, Elation, Angst, and Love, I felt them all. This series is better than anything I've bought via the mainstream market this year and I hope it keeps coming. Christopher Buecheler you've created characters with real humanity and your dialog infallible. The best editing I've ever seen on Smashwords. I hate to say this as I live on a fixed income but I'd gladly pay a hardback price for this series. I fell in love with Two and Theroen in Blood that Bonds, and this time around I found more characters to love and hate. I need more, please, now!!
  • Ashes of Dearen: Book 1 on April 10, 2012

    A fresh, original concept! If developed properly,this would have been a great intro to a wonderful epic series but I found it hard to get through. Some of the dialog was out of place, 21st century slang used by a princess while she speaks with her father, the phrase "You know what I mean" didn't fit with the established manner of speach the author started out with. I felt like I was readinga one of my 10 year old son's books but the sex made it clear that was not the audience the author intended this for. I feel she put a lot of time and care into her writing but didn't take into account the sophistication of her readers. Without the sex this would be a great teen book but for myself it felt elementary. With over 600 pages on my nook and great editing it shows this author is serious about writing I just think there is a link missing in the chain and when found Mrs. Woods is going to make her mark in Epic fantasy in a big way. The potential of this concept is compelling but the effort it took to finish the first book is pushing me away from the second. I suppose after I post this review I owe it to Mrs. Woods to give it a go. With unbiased feedback from a writers group or mentor this series could be much more than it started out as.
  • Ashes of Dearen: Book 2 on April 11, 2012

    Much better than the fist, well planned, great insight into the culture/religions/gods of the nations. Keeps you reading. Shorter than the first but still a full length novel worth buying.
  • Angel of Vengeance on Dec. 18, 2012

    More! More! More? This book is just as described in the description dark, twisted and hilarious. Perhaps it speaks to my sick sense of humor that I was chuckling when one of the bad guys meets his end in a manner that.... I’ll let you see for yourselves. I'd love to meet the mind that created this tale . I loved Bosch, his cunning wit kept me captive and despite wanting to take my time with this I couldn't stop reading. It appears as if the tale were going to continue and I pray it does. A+++ FanF’nTastist!!