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  • Arrival of the Traveler on Jan. 26, 2013
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    ''Brought into a world she knows nothing about, Lena Collins finds herself in an untrustworthy situation when she learns she is a member of the Daray family, and a holy figure to half of the Silenti people on Earth; unfortunately, the other half of the Silenti believe that the Darays will one day bring disease, disaster and death to the world.'' After the deaths of her father and grandmother, 15 year old Lena goes to live with her uncle whom she knows nothing about. She's trying to fit in to the strange household and pretty soon she finds that her uncle and the household staff are hiding things from her. When the truth finally comes out Lena is thrust into a world that she doesn't understand. I found this to be an enjoyable read. The plot was well rounded and developed at a good pace. I found myself enjoying the interactions between the characters. Even though this is the first of a series the conclusion did not leave you on a cliff hanger, it was a satisfying end to this chapter of the story, but still left me with the desire to read the next chapter.