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Faith Cummings of Rockford Illinois became a Christian in 1976. She studied religion at California State University at Fullerton and obtained her bachelor's Degree.
She then went to Earlham School of Religion, (a Quaker seminary) and finished her masters Degree in spiritual direction and counseling at the Episcopal Theological
Seminary of the Southwest in Austin Texas. She has served as co-pastor of a Friends church with her husband Gary Cummings, and has taken part in many volunteer
ministries in the Mennonite Church and house churches. Faith has also worked with her husband Gary in Long Beach California with Cambodian refugees. She now lives
in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, with her husband and hosts exchange students. She does volunteer work with the exchange organization, and works as a Braille
transcriber and proofreader, and as a computer tutor for the blind or visually impaired.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Illinois. I am part of a large, German-American family and I believe that this influenced my writing. The Beckers are also a German-American family.
When did you first start writing?
I started writing short stories at the age of 12 and sometimes wrote essays. I was writing longer, novel-sized books by 16. I have always wanted to write and publish my work.
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  • Who Will Hear Them Cry on April 11, 2012
    (no rating)
    WHO WILL HEAR THEM CRY is not a typical mystery. While there are some elements of a typical mystery, unexpected deaths, sinister people pretending to be good, and an old house with secret passages, there is more to this mystery than meets the eye. Beneath the outward scenery and characters, there is a deeper, more complex plot. The main character, Kate Talbot, is a blind detective. But she is not the super hero that you see on television. She is not using strange technology or weird devices to solve this case. Instead, she is a real person, with flaws and brokenness, dealing with her sight loss as best she can, and using her other senses and her sharp mind to get to the bottom of what is going on. She emerges from her brokenness, and finds that not only can she cope with her own blindness very well, but she can help the children in her care to do the same and to be triumphant in the face of terror. This book is also a great example of local writing with a true Virginia flavor. Phyllis Campbell writes of people and places that have been familiar to her all her life. She shares them with us as if she were introducing old friends and invites us to enter the world of Kate and the children. She manages to keep us in suspense till almost the very end and then surprises us with how things turn out. This is a book to read in one sitting, with a hot cup of tea and your favorite cat close at hand.
  • A Place To Belong on Aug. 18, 2012
    (no rating)
    A PLACE TO BELONG: A Story of Healing and Hope Phyllis Campbell, author of WHO WILL HEAR THEM CRY, has done it again. A PLACE TO BELONG, her latest book on Smash Words, is another heart warming story straight from her native Virginia. After 16 year-old Jill loses her sight due to a benign, but fast-growing tumor, she is sent to her Grandmother in Virginia. Her mother and stepfather have their own lives and can only offer her money and financial security. But her grandmother, and the wonderful people and animals who inhabit her life, can offer her so much more. They offer her a place to heal, a place to learn to deal with her sight loss, and a place to belong. Jill is naturally distraught and frightened in her new world. Nothing is the same and many of the people who were her friends before she lost her sight have now become her enemies, out to take advantage of her vulnerability. But her grandmother, unlike her parents, is eager to help and provides Jill with not only a safe place, but a school, and other blind people who can help her cope and overcome her doubts and fears. The book is uplifting and shows us all that healing is contagious and big life changes can more easily be dealt with together. thank you,Phyllis for sharing these life lessons! Jill learns the value of interdependence and true love, and we get to enjoy a great book.