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Smashwords book reviews by Tuwana Vining

  • Eternity on Feb. 04, 2013

    This was an amazing book! The way love between Raven and Duncan transcends beyond centuries, was beautiful. I love her take on immortality and how the change happens, plus the mirrored evil opposition. If the second book is half as entertaining, I look forward to it.
  • Destiny Nation: Korea on May 06, 2016

    After following Tom Gates on You Tube and Facebook for about three years, I was optimistic when he mentioned writing a book. This is an all inclusive account about what teaching in South Korea was like from his point of view. It definitely answered many questions I had, plus elaborated on a few topics he previously presented in videos. I will use this book as a reference guide in the future and would highly recommend it to those in need of one.