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  • Raven on Aug. 22, 2011
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    My review: I received a copy of this ebook from the author on the suggestion of a dear book friend, Megan from Amythest Daydreams. I committed to a review in exchange for the ebook. I would have gladly paid FULL price and then some for this book (I love paperback books and if this would have been a paper book, I might have squeezed the words right out of it hugging it)! I literally could not put it down. The world that Suzy Turner has created is amazing. I was hooked from the first page. I could not read it fast enough. The story flowed so well and I could totally picture everything I was reading. I was so lost in this book, meaning it sucked me in so far, that I was clueless as to the world around me. The beginning introduces us to our main character Lilly, who leads a very sad life. She seems to be such a wonderful little girl who is horribly mistreated by her parents. She goes to school and comes home. She knows she is an outcast and has no friends for several reasons. She is TERRIFIED of her mother. She meets a new girl at school and finally makes a friend. Life is looking up for Lilly until she gets home from school and her parents are GONE. Vanished...not a trace. From here, Lilly finds out that a whole world exists that she knew nothing about. She lives with some neighbor ladies for a bit before finding out she is leaving her home in London to move to Canada, where her Paternal Grandfather lives. Upon arriving in Canada, Lilly finds the family she has always wanted and a few family secrets she would have never dreamed of! When I first started reading, I was a little confused. I soon found out that it was not the book at all, but ME!! Our author, Suzy Turner actually lives in Portugal. It took me a bit to adjust to the dialect but then I imagined her reading the story in my head & fell in love with all over again. I love that this book brought my mind into perspective of living the language and culture of our neighbors all over the world! My emotional range throughout this book was off the charts! NO LIE! One minute I was smiling like a big cheesy smile and then tears would be falling down my face. Thank you Suzy for writing such an AMAZING story!!!
  • December Moon: Part II of The Raven Saga on Sep. 12, 2011

    Ebook Description On her 15th birthday, December Moon discovers she is the descendant of a family of witches, kept in the dark her entire life in an effort to protect her. But when Lilly, her best friend, finds herself in danger from one of the world's most evil vampires, December will do everything in her power to stop him. December Moon is a fantasy novel for children and young adults set in BC, Canada. Once again, the above blurb does not do this book ANY JUSTICE! I could not read book 1, Raven, fast enough. I think I may have read this one even FASTER! Normally when you read a sequel, you expect a lot of back story and fill ins. NOT WITH THIS BOOK! This book is amazing. This was the first full book I read on my new Kindle. Author Suzy Turner has created an INCREDIBLE world where friends Lilly and December are two outcasts that find friendship in one another. In book 1, Raven, Lilly discovers a family she did not know she had and moves away from her only friend December. December is left to her own devices and misery. She is a very unhappy young lady and very miserable at her Aunt's house. The chain of events that happen on December's birthday change her life forever. How does one react to turning 15 years old and finding out they are a powerful WITCH? December could not be more happy. She has her doubts of course because she went from an outcast 14 year old to a 15 year old witch with an incredible future. When December finds her way to her best friend, chaos and mayhem explode all around them and the two girls could not be happier. Fighting a most powerful vampire will test their friendship to the limits. This book is full of amazing story lines. The characters are so well developed that you expect to meet them in the street. You can picture the scenery and smell the forest. You get so lost in the world that Suzy has created. The magic in the book is both supernatural and astonishing as the story plays out. If you have not read Raven, please go download it NOW! and while you are there, download December Moon as you will REALLY want to read them back to back. You will be so glad you did. This is a wonderful escape into a supernatural world of wonder and excitement, tears and smiles, hugs, love and friends. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting book 3. I am so excited to see where Author Suzy Turner takes us next!!
  • Water on Feb. 22, 2012

    I read this book straight through. NO LIE. I could not put it down. Terra HOOKED me in and left me searching like a mad woman at the end trying to find more to read. I NEVER read blurbs from the next book. NEVER. I did on this one. Usually reading the blurb to the next book leaves me crazier than I already am at finishing the first book. TASK TOTALLY COMPLETE. Not only was I frantic to read more, reading the blurb to AIR made me even crazier for more. When I asked Terra to classify this book, she first stated "Contemporary Eco-Fantasy and the books might also fall under adventure, paranormal romance, or any other number of genres". DO NOT LET THE ECO-FANTASY scare you. I would never even have known what that meant. It now makes sense. And if all Eco Fantasy books are as good as this one, I have found a new genre to LOVE! MANY genre's are in this book and that is another aspect that I love about it. The book starts out slow. Not in a bad way though. Like wearing our most comfy pajama pants all day long. You just get comfortable in the book and then BAM...your head blows off! Well, mine about did anyway for real! When a book can shock me and I don't see it coming, that my friends is GOOD WRITING! I decided to read this book because of two reasons: 1. the cover (GORGEOUS) and 2. The blurb. I was totally sold! Our main female character Kaitlyn is a go getter. She stays on the move and seriously challenges herself. A mishap leads her into the biggest adventure of her life. (I can't say much more because I will give too much away). Micah is one of our lead male characters. Ok I love love love the name Micah. (biased much Mindy...) Micah is a strong lead male, sounds sexy as hell and has an incredible job! I was blown away by this absolutely ORIGINAL idea of a career. There are more leading males and females that you get to know through out the book. It is just a great story and I highly recommend reading it!!
  • Pandora's Box (Road to Hell #1) on July 08, 2015

    Adult book 18+... WARNING: Content may be offensive to some individuals. Proceed with caution. I love seeing this at the top of every one of Madison's Life Lessons on Gracen's blog. Before you read this book, I SUGGEST reading Madison's Life Lessons. This was a prequel the author posted on her blog showing Madison's life as it let up to the beginning of the book. GO HERE to Gracen's blog to read the life lessons. They are not NECESSARY but I highly suggest reading them (trust me...you will be glad you did and you can THANK ME later) *GRINS*! Onto my review: I loved Madison from the very beginning. Her innocence and home life just drew me in. Her father is not just a preacher, but an extreme preacher. He believes that everything Madison does, down to every breathe she takes, is evil. Madison grows up believing she is damned and scared of the world. Madison meets Micah at the age of 14. He is her rock in her life of hell. The relationship between Madison and her parents has only grown into an inferno. Madison turns to Micah for comfort, friendship and eventually a life decision. Betray her parents and live the damned life they are convinced she will live by marrying Micah, the love of her life or walk away from Micah forever. The book starts out with Madison and her small son, Amos. You quickly learn of Madison's current situation and how her life has been. You will meet the most INCREDIBLE characters. The details in this book are outstanding! The story plays out flawlessly. The characters are well developed and positively enchanting! Author Gracen Miller takes mythical lore, horror, romance, parenting, the eternal battle of heaven and hell, smart/kick ass characters, newly created lore, hot cars and hotter men & women and wraps them up in nice little box...Pandora's Box that is! I LOVED THIS BOOK! I really truly did. I could not put it down. I do not normally read e-books. I have a Kindle app on my droid and I have not had much luck reading books on it. THIS WAS AN EXCEPTION!!! This is not a small book...I read it in less than 24 hours ON MY PHONE! That, my friends, is a huge feat for me. I highly recommend this book. I am keeping my review spoiler free which means I am having to be very vague! I apologize. I really do. I am so in love with this book! I was super intrigued by this book reading the Life Lesson's each week. There is nothing cooler than getting to know an author as you wait for their book. Author Gracen Miller is not only a FANTASTIC story teller, but also an incredible and fascinating person. I have truly enjoyed getting to know such a wonderful and talented author.