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  • HOPELESS on Dec. 20, 2012

    "Life is real and sometimes it's ugly and you just have to learn how to cope. I'm going to accept it with a dose of your indifference, and move on." So I have had time to let Holder and Sky sit there in my head, and now I feel I can do this review a little more justice! I tried! I tried SO SO hard, unbelievably hard to "LIVE" this book,.. but I just couldn't, I really couldn't every ounce of my soul just LOVED it, in fact LOVES it, all 114,000 words and I savored every single one of them, it was just perfect, 5 stars is not enough, it will never be enough! By only having 5 stars it makes you want to go and re-rate every other book you have rated 5 stars just so this one, this AMAZING one, stands head and shoulders above the rest! When you decide that you are going to read one of Colleen Hoovers books you need to leave yourself open, make sure there is no lock anywhere around your heart, she will drag you through the depths of despair and break you, and then piece by piece put you back together only to break you again.. but you are there living it word for word, as if you 'are' the characters and that you're standing beside them living everything they are living, every touch, every tear, every heartache. Hopeless is a beautiful story, with so much LIKE and so much LOVE in one respect and then so sad and emotional in another, it touches on very deep subjects that some people may struggle with, but more than anything this story is about HOPE and LOVE and how anything in life no matter how bad, can be overcome. It truly is beautiful! "The moment my lips touch yours, it will be your first kiss. Because if you've never felt anything when someone's kissed you, then no one's ever really kissed you. Not the way I plan to kiss you."