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  • The Brotherhood Of Piaxia on July 01, 2012

    I received this book from Michael Drakich for reviewing purposes back in April. I have to admit, whilst the synopsis seemed interesting, I didn't think I'd take to it as much as I did! It has even made it's way into my Book Recommendations list, so it's no secret how much I truly enjoyed reading this book! The book is set in the alternate land of Piaxia where magic and military force are fundamental to maintaining the peace, order and above all the control of the land. Technology is non-existent and the people make a living from traditional jobs such as fishing, farming and trading as merchants. How much I enjoyed the book: 8/10 How well I think it was written: 8/10 I found it startlingly easy to get into this book despite the fact that it's set in an alternate world. Within the first chapter I felt like I was in the marketplace with Tarlok and witnessing his experiences first hand. The book is written in a familiar way without the use of complicated vocabulary (except of course the foreign sounding nouns) so I felt less alien and more at home in the world of Piaxia. The story is written from Tarlok, Savan and Tessia's point of view as they are our three main characters. As you can tell from my rating I thought the book was written very well, however the multiple narrators did annoy me slightly as the focus on each character was sectioned and given in the beginning, middle and ending. This didn't have the greatest result as I found myself loving Tarlok from the very beginning and growing attached to his character. Yet by the middle of the book I found myself thrust over to Tessia and then Savan and became more and more in the dark about Tarlok's personal journey. By the end of the book, I felt as though Tarlok had become a whole other person whilst my focus was on the other characters. I would have been a lot happier if Tarlok alone had been the main focus of the novel but I am still grateful for the insight I gained from Tessia and Savan. On the other hand, the plot was well written, though at times it was a bit predictable; though my love for our main trio allowed me to overlook that quite quickly. One thing I absolutely loved in the book was the relationship between Savan, Tarlok and their father. The family was so adorable throughout the book as they trusted each other unconditionally despite all of the difficulties they had facing them. I can't help but love it when a family dominant of men show their love for each other; it's so heart warming that I was constantly giddy from happiness whenever such a moment would occur. The growing romance between Tarlok and Tessia was extremely interesting to see unfold. Though they both (mainly Tarlok) were indecisive at points, I found myself rooting for this ship from the very beginning. I was slightly surprised that Savan did not find love during the book, but I'm hoping for a sequel with the focus on Savan and his adventures finding love. So yes I do want a sequel from Michael Drakich but it's a long shot though since there weren't many loose ends left at the end. I will be taking a look at his other books though so that's something to look forward to!