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Vision of Judgement after death

Some time ago I had a vision of my judgement before God. It was the
most terrifying experience imaginable. If I had been in my mortal
body, I would have collapsed from the fright and horror.
I was before Jesus. He was seated about ten feet or so in front of me,
head down and hands folded in His lap. Jesus was regal, and He was
Standing to His left, my right as I faced Him, was Satan.1 There were
only the three of us in that space. Satan was accusing me of my many
sins. The sight of the evil one was so very ugly. He was shaking his
fist at me, shouting how bad and sinful I was. My every thought,
word and deed was accused. All I could say was, “I confessed that
sin,” or “I did not say that,” or “I did not do that,” or “I did not think
that.” There was no such thing as “I do not remember.” My memory
was perfect.
Satan was fighting to get me to go to Hell. I was fighting for my
spiritual eternity. My conscience would be my vindication or
The ordeal lasted for ever (I thought). At one point I looked at Jesus
and said: “Thou know that these accusations are not true.” I
emphasized it again in my desperation: “Thou know that these sins
have been confessed in the Holy Sacrament of Confessions.”
The tirade of accusations by Satan continued. Most were true. Some
were false. The true were confessed. The false I denied.
I finally said to Jesus, “Where is Thy help in this? Thou said that
Thou would never forsake me. Please help me Jesus.” To say that I
was terrified would be a gross understatement.
Jesus never said a word. Then entering from His right, my left as I
looked at Him, entered our Blessed Mother Mary. She was quiet,
serene, confident and conquering. Satan fled. I was safe. The prayer
which we so often say in the “Hail Holy Queen...” was answered,
“...Turn, then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards
us; and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy
womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.” Then
there is that other request in the prayer “Hail Mary” ...‘pray for us
sinners now, and at the hour of our death.’ The prayers were
After the whole ordeal I was left to ponder death and the ensuing
funeral. When the lid is closed on the casket, and the soil is thrown
over it, what then? All the nice things have been said by the
remaining relatives and friends. What then? When all the prayers for
the dead are said, what then?
Then comes the dreadful judgement. There will be only three in that
room. You, Satan, and Jesus. Who will claim you?

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